Never Let Go by Grace Wen


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This novella was sent to Traveling With T by the author for review consideration.

Never Let Go

Jessica Kyle has a policy with regard to men- always leave them wanting more. She plays games, acts disinterested- and the more she does this- the more the men want her. Jessica is living the charmed life and feels pretty good about future.

Then she meets Sam Girard.. And life turns upside down.

Sam is everything Jessica wants in a man- he’s good looking, charming, and seems to really like her. On the night that she thinks will be the night they sleep together- she’s excited- this relationship is taking a step forward. Then, Sam derails that dream. He breaks things off with her- he likes her, but he’s tired of the game playing. He wants someone that wants to be straight with him- and he feels that Jessica is not the one.

“He’d created a tantalizing image of what my future could be like and then whisked it away.”- Fav quote from NEVER LET GO.

Jessica is upset- but she’s never met a challenge that she couldn’t conquer. So, she sets out for some self-improvement, some casual texting, a little Facebook drop-by- and Sam, at times, seems receptive. Jessica is sure he’s going to come back to her- she can feel it in her bones… until another lady comes walking in Sam’s life.

What’s Jessica to do? Obviously she has to up her game and make Sam know that she is the one. Will Jessica’s plan work? Or will it backfire in her pretty little face?


Traveling With T’s Thoughts:

When Grace emailed me about this novella, it sounded like the little quick read with a dose of suspense that I was looking for.


NEVER LET GO is more of a cautionary tale about stalking. It’s a story of a woman that is used to getting everything she wants- through hard work and good looks and being denied the one man that she wants is seriously messing with her mind.

NEVER LET GO is also a look at social media and breakups. How easy is it to flip through your ex’s pictures? To ride by his house? To just send that casual message? When does it become stalking? Isn’t a little checking of your ex’s social media profiles normal after a break-up?

Grace Wen considers these questions and more in NEVER LET GO.

For me, nothing is wrong with this story, per se. However, and I guess because of the stalking angle- I was expecting a bit of Glen Close “bunny boiling” behavior from Jessica. And I’ll be honest- I was a bit disappointed when it didn’t take that turn.

Jessica is used to getting what she wants, when she wants it. However, she is not used to seeing her own culpability in this situation- until it’s too late. How Grace ended it made me wonder if she’ll come back with a full length Jessica store.

Overall thoughts: At 90 pages, it’s a quick story- and not a bad read. It may leave you a bit unsatisfied, though, especially if you are looking for more of a “bunny boiler” storyline.


*This novella was sent to Traveling With T by the author for review consideration. All thoughts and opinions are mine alone.


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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