A Month of Faves: Fave Post From Week 1

a month of favorites event GirlXoxo

Ya’ll! It’s been one FAVE-tastic week! So today’s post was going to be so easy- you know just pick a FAVE post from the week. I was gleeful when I thought of how easy it would be. I was SO wrong. Can I just say that you all that are participating in this- basically you just went to your blogs and BROUGHT IT?! I mean, seriously. Snaps for everyone! (Cue Reese Witherspoon as Elle in Legally Blonde!) But alas, I must pick a fave- and so here goes………….

Valeria at A Touch Of Book Madness. Her intro was so darn creative, it gave me total #blogcreativeenvy.


Sarah @ Sarah’s Book Shelves posted about 5 Faves by a Theme: Debut Novels. She did great!


Flo and The Green Light– her top 10 Fave covers (and especially for her tidbits on different covers for different regions!)


But seriously- snaps to EVERYONE!!!!!

So go link up your posts at Girlxoxo– and take the weekend off. We’ll be back on Monday with more #amonthoffaves!

Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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6 thoughts on “A Month of Faves: Fave Post From Week 1

  1. The weekend off? I can’t! I’m still trying to read and comment posts 😀 It’s been such a fantastic week: thank you so much to co-host this event!
    And I agree with you: every participant brings so much – this diversity is what is losing me: I want to know everybody, to read every posts,… And, in the end, I add books to my wishlist (and it’s only the first week! I’m beginning to feel a little anxious 😉 )

    • 🙂 🙂 🙂 My weekend was jam-packed so I’m behind on commenting. And then my internet was wonky today and I am JUST NOW POSTING my article. Grrrrrr……

      I am so glad you are adding to your wishlist!

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