A Month of Faves: Introduction

a month of favorites event GirlXoxo

So, thanks to Girlxoxo for coming up with this brilliant month long plan of December posts (whew, now I don’t have to scramble to come up with post plans!). Today, the blog world is going to be a-filled with all about you posts- answering all these wonderful questions that Tanya came up with! If you don’t know me, well I hope you find something you like about my blog. And if you do know me- maybe you’ll find some more info that you didn’t know!

My Reading Year

My Fave Genre:

Women’s fiction tends to be the one I gravitate toward again and again and again. I also like a good romance! Almost equal to my love of women’s fiction is my love of mystery (cozy or a bit harder edge) and suspense. And Southern Lit ranks up pretty high. Also, even though it’s not a popular thought process among some bloggers- I like the mass-market best sellers. I just do. So- what did you learn? Yep my reading taste is a bit all over the map!


My Fave Author:

Come on Tanya! Crap on a cracker- don’t make me pick! Let me see if I can break it down-

Fave Old to Me Authors: Mary Higgins Clark, Jenn McKinlay, Denise Swanson, Erika Marks, Laura Childs, Beatriz Williams, Erika Robuck and Alafair Burke.

Fave New To Me Authors: Ingrid Thoft (read LOYALTY & IDENTITY this year & just LOVED them so much!), Mary Kubica (OMG, THE GOOD GIRL was so good!), Lisa Unger (IN THE BLOOD gave me faith in the whole psych thriller genre after being so disappointed book after book!), Susan Gloss (VINTAGE was pure perfection!) and Linda Francis Lee (her latest, THE GLASS KITCHEN, just made my day!)


Am I a physical copy or e-reader?

I am MAINLY a physical copy gal. I just like to hold the book. I like to look at the cover. I just prefer it. However, the e-reader opens up a world of possibilities to me. Makes storing them easier. I can highlight quotes that I want to use in my blog posts.


When Do I Read?

Morning, noon and night. No, seriously- I try to squeeze in as much reading time as I can. I’ve been known to stay up LATE at night with a just can’t put down book. In the last few months, I have set my alarm for about 25 minutes earlier than I need to get up- to wake up and read in bed. I find that it starts the day off on a good note. I do say this- I’m much more of a “winter” reader than I am a “summer” reader- in the winter, I have less outside things calling my attention!


What Month Did I Read The Most/Least?

Most: February. I was ROCKING it in February with 17 books read during that time (what can I say? It was cold!)

Least: September. While I technically was on vacation for about a week in September (what should have been PERFECT reading time!) I was watching Miss A playing on the beach, parasailing, enjoying glasses of wine and having this for my view- so I didn’t read that much:

beach viewI think after seeing my view- you can understand why I wasn’t reading too much 🙂


Which Author Was Most Prolific On Your Reading List?

After looking back at my list of books I read, I realized that, for the most part, it’s been 1 book by each author read this year-with the exception of a few authors (Janet Evanovich- I read Takedown Twenty, Top-Secret Twenty One, and The Job), Ingrid Thoft (read both Loyalty and Identity this year) and my cozy mystery authors- Jenn McKinlay (3 different series books) and Denise Swanson (2 different series!) Of course, the most prolific really was (insert long drum roll!): ANN M. MARTIN. I know, I know- but with 18+ books read for the #BSCReadalong– she rocked my stats!

The #BSCReadAlong


How Many Books Have I Read This Year?

Well Goodreads shows I’ve read 113. But it’s really 116 (still have to write blog posts for 3!) With a goal of 125- I think I’m sitting pretty to make it this year!


My Fave Book of the Year:

Nope, nope, nope! Can’t do it. Still narrowing it down! However, I’ll tease you with some hints: 1. Missing judge, gangsters, speakeasies and 3 women. 2. The story of how a piece of luggage led to a reveal of a secret life. & 3. how a former surfer found life and love back in the waves.


Well, here is a peek into my bookish year. It’s by no means complete (still a month of reading left!)- but so far, it’s been a good year. I’ve read some great things- have fought through a slump, picked up some old faves for a re-read. 2014 was pretty good to me bookishly- and I hope 2015 will continue in the same trend!

Be sure and check out the oh so lovely creator of this event- Tanya @ Girlxoxo (link up your post there!) and 1 of the co-partners in crime- Andi @ Estella’s Revenge posts. And stay tuned- because this #AMonthOfFaves is just getting started!


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

T Traveling With T pic sign off




10 thoughts on “A Month of Faves: Introduction

    • Thanks so much! 🙂 🙂 It’s just become a little ritual- a nice way to wake up. But I have been the person that always woke up bouncing around in the morning- instead of reading in the morning, I prob should make that time for the gym!

  1. What you say on Lisa Unger could interest me: I’m going to try one of her book.

    I’ve got no idea concerning your fave book of the year but the first hint is really engaging (is the story set during the prohibition?)

    I wish you a 2015 reading year as good as this one! 🙂

    • I REALLY liked IN THE BLOOD. I read FRAGILE after that, and I didn’t love it. But I have her new book, CRAZY LOVE YOU and I’m so stoked to read!

      YES! The story is set during prohibition (and it’s 2 of the covers that made my top 10 covers today!)

      Thank you so much!!! 🙂 🙂 May 2015 be a good reading year for EVERYONE!

  2. Oooh – I’m now keeping an eye out for your surfer book. I’ll look for it on your Best of the Year list! I also have the missing judge in the running! And, he will appear on my Best Debuts of the Year list, which I’m posting tomorrow for 5 Faves By Theme!

    • I’ll def have the surfer book in the Best of Year (once I get it posted!) It’s a good book and an author that I LOVE! I just lol’ed at your hints because I was all those are basically my favs as well!

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