Book Talk With R & T: Spoilers for Ruin Falls

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Sadly another week of Book Talk with R & T is drawing to end! Don’t worry- we will be back- and we’ll be sure and pick another great book! Be sure and check out Rhiannon @ Ivory Owl Reviews movie cast for RUIN FALLS! And if you haven’t entered the giveaway- be sure to do that! If you do not want to be spoiled, stop here!

So, I just absolutely love reading a book with Rhiannon. Seriously. She DM’s me all these thoughts, pages to watch out for- and then I’m DM’ing her “OMG, that was insane!” and we are off and running- discussing a book via 140 characters on Twitter. (We also do this via email- but mostly Twitter).

RUIN FALLS, for the first 100 pages, took it’s time building things. I mean we do find out who kidnapped the kids- but there is a lot that is still secret!

Pages 100-142 began revealing quite a bit. We begin to see what Paul’s plan was and note that while the kids might not be in danger from Paul- there are others they could be in danger from.

Around 195 is when Rhiannon let me know that we were in a BIG moment- What PEW stands for is revealed- and we see Paul taking on a leadership role. Of course, we’ve been knowing that Paul is a person who needs attention. He needs people stroking his ego. In PEW, he found what he needed. And a member in PEW found what he needed in Paul!

And I loved when Rhiannon sent me this:

You know when you watch a movie through your fingers because you do and don’t want to watch what happens? That. P 307

Because holy crap, she was right. That was when we started learning all about The Shoemaker- who he was, why he acted the way he did AND his connection to Paul…………..

Of course, earlier than 307 findng out that Paul killed a man- well, that was shocking- and a twist that I did not see coming!

But back to 307- seeing what drove The Shoemaker, was really intriguing. And unexpected.

And now, for the last spoiler- the sex scene between Tim and Liz. Was it weird that she had sex with Tim while looking for her children? Maybe. But, I always got the feeling from the book that Tim and Liz had history- dated in the past- and here he is- strong, being her rock- and Liz, being out of her mind with worry and realizing things about her husband and her marriage- well, a little sex probably was in order for Liz. To me, it was just part of the plot- the story- but after finishing the book, I read reviews on Goodreads and could not believe how many people mentioned that particular scene.

So, what did you think of the spoilers?

Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

Book Talk With R & T

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