Time to Reveal the next Book Talk With R & T Selection: Ruin Falls by Jenny Milchman

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So, while it’s not officially time for Book Talk With R & T, Rhiannon and I were chatting via text the other day about when we should announce our next selection- since we usually announce the Monday of the week it begins. But, this time we’re getting CRAZY. Shaking things up. Since many of our bookish peeps have been feeling the need for a thriller- and we picked a thriller- well, it’s time to reveal the book chosen!

But, wait.. before that happens- Rhiannon and I want to extend you an invitation- October 13th-17th we’re going to be all out discussing this book. You know, the whole 9 yards- movie casts, fav quotes, reviews, interviews- so we encourage you, (yes you!!) to go ahead and start reading this book- then during the week of October 13-17th- you can be all up in the middle of this thriller-licious fun!

And now………….. Time for the book to be revealed:

Get Thriller-licious book talk R and T


And just to tease you a bit more… Well that Rhiannon (gotta love her!) all day while I was at work she’s been teasing me with “Have you gotten to this page yet?” “Holy Cow, Page X is insane” and the best line ” You know when you watch a movie through your fingers because you do and don’t want to watch what happens? THAT. Page X.”

Now, I am headed home to catch up on the reading so  I can be texting her “OMG, SHUT UP, FOR REALS?!”


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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4 thoughts on “Time to Reveal the next Book Talk With R & T Selection: Ruin Falls by Jenny Milchman

  1. Tamara & Rhiannon, I promise not to hang out here all day 🙂 But I just had to thank you two book stars for including Ruin Falls in the fun. Or the fear. Whichever…but I thank you both for letting me take you and your readers along on Liz Daniels’ quest!

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