The #BSCReadAlong is totally “dibbly fresh”!

The #BSCReadAlong

“Dibbly fresh”?! (BSC-speak for super cool!)  I know- you are thinking “What the heck, T?” Well- let me catch you up… So first, if you’ve ever visited Traveling With T you know that Ann Martin is my literary rockstar. She wrote The Baby-Sitters Club books and started my life-long love of reading. Through Ann, I learned about things- diabetes, a place I longed to visit (NYC), and so much more. But, mainly- I learned about friendship. About having a group of friends who were true blue. I could go on and on about my love for Ann (and I did in my post Ann M. Martin Saved The Chicken Pox Princess!) But, I’ll bring it all back to present day ramblings! Several weeks ago- Becca @ I’m Lost In Books and I were chatting about our fanatic love of The Baby-Sitters Club books- and Becca had the brilliant idea of a #BSCReadalong.

So she put some info together and a small group of us joined in. All month long, we’ve been re-hashing our love for the books. Laughing at the phrases. Cursing the “modern” covers (we’re all fans of the CLASSIC covers.)

As I began the re-read, I was a bit nervous. Would the books live up to my 9 year old self imagination of them being “the best thing since a pocket on a T-shirt”? And they do. It was like slip-sliding into a big ole vat of nostalgia- when the toughest thing I had to decide was which side to rock my one-sided pony-tail on, how many socks could I scrunch down on my feet to be super-fashionable, and should I wear another NKOTB t-shirt that day. I have been in absolute bookish heaven revisiting these gals.

However, as a “mumble-mumble 30-something” I do have some nitpicks:

  • In at least a few books I’ve read- there is more than a few mentions of Alfred Hitchcock- specifically in the California Girls Super-Special. Were 13 year olds really up on the work of ole Alfred?
  • In the same vein- mentions to Lucy Ricardo in multiple books- I mean, at 13, I knew I LOVE LUCY and had watched an episode or 2 – maybe a few. But it wasn’t something I watched all the time. Was that a geographical thing- I live in the South- is everyone way up North huge fans of I Love Lucy?


Re-visiting these gals, these stories has been a balm to my soul. There are days when I’m so busy trying to keep up with social media and read the next latest and greatest book- so it’s been really nice to sit down with this big pile of nostalgia and just read.

As I’ve been reading, I’ve been wondering if I would like to hear from the girls as adults- to see where they have been, where they are headed. It kinda sorta worked for Francine Pascal when she revisited Eliz and Jessica in Sweet Valley Confidential: 10 Years Later and The Sweet Life. So, it should work for The BSC, right? Wrong. The Twins had books written about their later years (High and SVU) and that was great- and I was curious about them as adults. But since the BSC gals have not aged past 13- well…… no need to do that now. Let them be 13 forever. Let them be a beacon of nostalgia to older women and soon to be cherished pals to our daughters, our nieces, our girls who are growing up and need role models- need to know there are characters who are sweet and wholesome.


Reading Stats (so far)

  • 1-12 Super Specials
  • BSC 41: Mary-Anne VS Logan
  • BSC 65: Stacey’s Big Crush
  • BSC 50: Dawn’s Big Date

Plan to read before #BSCReadAlong ends:

  • BSC 70: Stacey and The Cheerleaders
  • BSC 46: Mary-Anne Misses Logan
  • BSC 38: Kristy’s Mystery Admirer


So… what say you? Still time to join in the #BSCReadalong! Or do you have another type of nostalgia read?


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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8 thoughts on “The #BSCReadAlong is totally “dibbly fresh”!

  1. I’m glad you’re having fun with your re-read! I didn’t watch I Love Lucy until high school, but I think some of my friends had watched it younger. We definitely weren’t familiar with Hitchcock though!

    • I remember watching it a few times when school would be out for breaks- it came on during the day- right before The Price Is Right. But I was never a huge watcher. I remember Hitchcock coming on at 10:30 at night- he would do this creepy walk in right before his movie was shown. But I never watched it= maybe b/c the walk-in was so creepy.

      And I’m LOVING the read-along. So much fun!

    • Oh how wonderful! I love that you read them with your daughter! I got that book at BEA (just had to meet Ann!) and I’m so glad to hear that it’s a winner! Thanks so much 🙂 🙂

  2. Love! Love! Love! I have had mostly love this time around again for the BSC. There have been several times (like Shannon) when I have been like WTF, Ann Martin? But mostly it has just been a big chunk of nostalgic fun! My friend Michele was like “Are you seriously reading a BSC book?” “Yes, yes I am and it is a lot of fun, so shut up.” Haha.

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