The #BSCReadAlong is totally “dibbly fresh”!

The #BSCReadAlong

“Dibbly fresh”?! (BSC-speak for super cool!)  I know- you are thinking “What the heck, T?” Well- let me catch you up… So first, if you’ve ever visited Traveling With T you know that Ann Martin is my literary rockstar. She wrote The Baby-Sitters Club books and started my life-long love of reading. Through Ann, I learned about things- diabetes, a place I longed to visit (NYC), and so much more. But, mainly- I learned about friendship. About having a group of friends who were true blue. I could go on and on about my love for Ann (and I did in my post Ann M. Martin Saved The Chicken Pox Princess!) But, I’ll bring it all back to present day ramblings! Several weeks ago- Becca @ I’m Lost In Books and I were chatting about our fanatic love of The Baby-Sitters Club books- and Becca had the brilliant idea of a #BSCReadalong. Continue reading