Tuesday Mashup


Just the other day- I squealed like a girl when I was checking out my Bloglovin’ feed. Seriously. Squealed like a girl and possibly did a happy dance. Why? The great links I was seeing! Not that my feed isn’t usually filled with great links (it is, it is!) But because I was excited to really try hard to commit back to my Mashup posts (because- life had totes gotten in the way!) So, it’s looking nice today for a mashup- we’ve got scarfy week, clothespin clips for organization, a bloggy anniversary (with a kick-butt giveaway) and the beginning details on a September event that is going to be absolutely fabulous!

1. The Thinking Closet has teamed up with other bloggers and created a fun week- Scarfy Week! So, go and check it out- there’ll be tutorials and a giveaway!

2. H2O Bungalow has Clothespin Word Note Clips that are going to be life-changing. The possibilities are endless. Go ahead and make you a couple before the massive pile of back to school notes overtakes your house. Thank Wendi later!

3. Words for Worms is celebrating her 2 year blog anniversary! And she has a $40 giftcard to Gone Reading to give away (which is a cool website for book lovers!)

4. The Book Wheel has a great idea for September- 30 Authors in 30 Days! It’s going to be bookishly great- so join in the fun!

5. Ivory Owl Reviews reviewed THE SUPREME MACARONI COMPANY by Adriana Trigiani- a series that I have been meaning to read!

6. Linky love happening at The Steadfast Reader– go and check out some of the great links being posted there!


Hope you find some great links to check out!


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

T Traveling With T pic sign off


12 thoughts on “Tuesday Mashup

    • 🙂 You are so welcome! I LOVE the idea. And just happen to have a whole bag of clothespins from a summer kiddie project that never got used. Oh, what to do with them?! 😉

  1. Ooh yay! So glad you are doing these! I do Shout-Outs on Fridays. We have some crossovers but I a few new ones for me, too! I love these types of posts because there is always a chance of missing stuff! So yay!

    • Yes, I love my Mashups! I’d been neglecting them for a few weeks (just getting busy!) but really trying to get them back out there. I love the linky stuff b/c while I do see/read a ton- you know, sometimes things just slip by me and it’s nice to be able to catch-up through others!

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