All Day And A Night by Alafair Burke

All Day and a Night by Alafair Burke

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Traveling With T was given ALL DAY AND A NIGHT at BEA 2014.

All Day and A Night

Ellie Hatcher, NYPD Detective,  and her partner JJ Rogan are approached by their superiors to be part of a special task force for reviewing old crimes and making sure that the conviction was on the up and up. Ellie is not too happy about this because it’s putting her in a weird place with her current boyfriend, Max Donovan ADA. But, when the superiors want you to be part of this- you just have to find a way to handle it. The case they are giving a “fresh-look” at is Anthony Amaro. He was convicted of killing a woman years ago- and suspected of killing others. With his lawyer making motions to get him released and a new victim being found with the “signature” while Amaro was in jail- it’s looking like a slam-dunk for getting him released. Did the police make a mistake years ago? Or if Amaro is released- is that a mistake?

With the appeal process being helped by one of the victim’s sisters, Carrie Blank, Ellie and JJ have their work cut out for them with the whole “fresh-look” assignment. As memories are refreshed, and new evidence is considered- people on both sides of the Amaro case are working hard. One side is going to get burned by their hard work- which one?

Looking for a book with twists and turns- and just when you think you know how it’ll end- the author manages to have one more twist up the sleeve? Let me introduce you to ALL DAY AND A NIGHT by Alafair Burke!

Traveling With T’s Thoughts:

Ahh, Alafair Burke- how much do I love the Ellie Hatcher series? Let me count the ways: 1. It’s a “series”, but each book is totally stand-alone readable. 2. Ellie is a character with depth- layers! 3. And the twists and turns- Alafair always has something up her sleeve!

Like mystery/suspense? Check out Alafair Burke!


* ALL DAY AND A NIGHT was given to Traveling With T at BEA 2014.


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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8 thoughts on “All Day And A Night by Alafair Burke

    • I def think so. Any sort of potential character arc is explained quickly. But Alafair focuses more on the story- less on making you have to read each book to feel like you “know” what’s happening!

    • Uh, apparently the same thing that is wrong with me- I just knew I was following you…. Till I checked my bloglovin and was like *facepalm*!
      I’d been just so used to checking your blog out- I guess I never hit that Bloglovin follow button. Totally fixed that situation!

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