The Blonde by Anna Godbersen

the blonde

Photo Credit: Weinstein Books

This book was sent to Traveling With T in exchange for a fair review.

The Blonde

Everyone knows the iconic images of Marilyn Monroe. The one of her singing a breathy and sexy “Happy Birthday, Mr. President”. The white halter dress standing on a subway grate with the white dress billowing around her. The beautiful blond hair. We know Marilyn Monroe as the sexpot. The beautiful. The gorgeous red lips. The breathy voice. Oozing sex appeal from every pore. These are the images that are called to mind when many people think of Marilyn Monroe.

What if Marilyn was more?

What if Marilyn was a secret Soviet spy sent to find something about John F. Kennedy that no one else knew?

Be prepared to never think of Marilyn the same again.

In 1947, a young Norma Jeane meets a man who will change her life. He will turn her from Norma Jeane to Marilyn Monroe- and play a role in making many of her dreams come true. One day, though, he will return- and ask for her help in finding something out about the young, good-looking senator, John F. Kennedy. Marilyn agrees- because if she gets close to the senator- she will get to meet her father,  a man she has not ever known.

Thus begins the affair of the Marilyn and John.

The plan is simple-find out something about JFK that no one knows. Have a little fun with the Presidential candidate. A few rolls in the hay and some sexy pillow talk. All the things that Marilyn Monroe is a natural at.

Until she falls in love with John.

When she learns of what is to happen to John, Marilyn knows what she has to do to save the man she loves- and to disentangle herself from the KGB. She just didn’t count on the FBI having a hand in the cookie jar.


Traveling With T’s Thoughts:

I’m not a HUGE Marilyn fan. Meaning that I don’t take part in conspiracy theory talk of what happened to her, what could have happened, and more. To me, the Marilyn that I enjoy is the iconic photos Marilyn- the sexy, the sultry, the legendary.

So, this book was something else for me.

Why did I review this book? It started at Book Expo America- walking around and looking at the books and the booths- I saw this book. I recognized the signature Marilyn look and I loved the fact that she was holding a gun. The cover had much appeal. Alas, I could only cast a few quick longing glances at the book as we were headed to another event. Then a few weeks later- I get an email asking for review consideration- and boom! I was ready to read this book!

What I liked: I loved the plot. It was campy fun- it was not a serious plot, it was embellished (or was it?) and it was entertaining. Getting to read some behind the scenes info on Marilyn and recognizing some names (Clark Gable and others!) was kind of neat. Plus- the ending. Well, the ending was something else. And it does have to make you wonder “hmmm…” just a bit.

What I did not like: Not much. It was fun read, a bit slow at times- but not too bad. The only thing I can say that, for me, this is not a book I would want to re-read over and over again. It was nice and fun to see the Marilyn/JFK situation reimagined creatively- but I think you have to be a die-hard fan OR a conspiracy theory lover to want to re-read this time and time again.

Fav quote: “There are already too many stories, and you know how once there’s a little scandal people love to fabricate on top of that.”- The Blonde, page 342

Like a book about the iconic Marilyn? Enjoy a conspiracy theory type of read? Want a read with some historical facts reimagined? Add THE BLONDE to your reading list!


*THE BLONDE was sent to Traveling With T from Weinstein Books for review consideration. The above thoughts and opinions are mine alone.


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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4 thoughts on “The Blonde by Anna Godbersen

    • Yes! You so nailed it. Like the cover just drew me in- and I really enjoyed the plot and the concept of the story. Was it believable? At times- it actually could be. But, it def had it’s over the top and campy moments- which I totally was digging!

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