Just Can’t Get Enough Of: International Weddings

August is all about weddings…. International Weddings, that is! Harlequin Books has 3 books that will speak to the international wedding loving readers!


So grab some rice and get ready to wish the bride and groom a happy wedding!

A Wife for One Year #justcantgetenoughofinternationalweddings, #Harlequin, #TravelingWithT,

Photo Credit: Harlequin Books

A Wife for One Year by Brenda Harlen

Marriage Agreement  Between Daniel Garrett and Kenna Scott

  • Stay married one year
  • Fool the family
  • No sex!

To claim his trust fund and launch a new career, Daniel needs to be married…and no one can tick all the “wifely” boxes like Kenna. And since she’s his best friend, the celibacy part should be a piece of (wedding) cake! Or so Daniel thinks…until he hears the words that make him freeze: “You may kiss your bride.” One official kiss has the former confirmed bachelor reeling…and one unplanned night with his virgin bride has him staggering. Will it be the end of an era for the two best friends, or will a surprise pregnancy make the two become three—for keeps?


Crown Prince Pregnant Bride #justcantgetenoughofinternationalweddings, #Harlequin, #TravelingWithT,

Photo Credit: Harlequin Books

Crown Prince, Pregnant Bride by Kate Hardy

 One look into the stranger’s dark, mysterious eyes and Indigo Moran knows she’s made a mistake in taking his picture. But who does he think he is? A prince? That night Indigo discovers that’s exactly who he is: Crown Prince Lorenzo Torelli of Melvante.

To Lorenzo, duty lies with his country—he can’t offer Indigo forever. The trouble is…once he’s kissed her, one unforgettable night will never be enough. And now Indigo’s little secret is about to turn his carefully ordered world upside down!


The Rebel and the Heiress #justcantgetenoughofinternationalweddings, #Harlequin, #TravelingWithT,

Photo Credit: Harlequin Books

The Rebel And The Heiress by Michelle Douglas

 From rebel—to knight in shining armor…?

Losing her family fortune, it’s time for once-privileged Nell Smythe-Whittaker to make it on her own…with a little help from delicious bad boy Rick Bradford!

Rick hasn’t seen Nell since childhood, but with a family mystery to solve Rick needs Nell as much as she needs him. Yet with a past as checkered as his, can Rick ever be good enough for this beautiful heiress? It’s something he’s willing to prove….


And now for the giveaway:

You can win all 3 books in the INTERNATIONAL WEDDINGS set- the giveaway is open to US only. Just check the Rafflecopter link for more info:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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