Interview with Lydia Netzer (plus giveaway of HOW TO TELL TOLEDO FROM THE NIGHT SKY)

how to tell toledo from the nighy sky by lydia netzer

St. Martin’s- July 1


Today, I have an interview with the lovely Lydia Netzer, who is the author SHINE SHINE SHINE, a debut novel that took literary lovers by storm! Lydia is back- and her second novel- HOW TO TELL TOLDEO FROM THE NIGHT SKY (out July 1, 2014!) is already generating a great deal of buzz.

Lydia was kind enough to answer a few questions for Traveling With T and her publisher, St. Martin’s, was super-generous- so Traveling With T is getting to host a giveaway (more info on that after the interview!)

So, read on to the interview, gaze adoringly at that book cover (seriously, that book cover is made of awesome) and then after you read and fan-girl over Lydia a bit- check that Rafflecopter link for your chance to win!

Interview with Lydia Netzer

SHINE SHINE SHINE was your debut novel- a novel that was on several bookish lists and created quite a buzz. Did the success of SHINE make you nervous about writing HOW TO TELL TOLDEO FROM THE NIGHT SKY?

The success of Shine Shine Shine was really encouraging, actually. It felt like permission to write the way I wanted to write. I had assumed a book with robots and Burma and big booming news anchors and space travel and bald girls who walk around with perfect smiles and perfect wigs would be patted on its sweet little head and sent to the corner to learn how to behave in society. When people responded so vehemently to these characters and ideas, it made me excited, not nervous, to write more books.

How involved were you, Lydia, in the selection of covers for SHINE and TOLEDO?

For Shine Shine Shine, I sent my editor some ideas I had, mostly orange robots and blonde wigs. She sent back something completely different, which I could never have imagined, and I fell in love. With How to Tell Toledo From the Night Sky, I figured I didn’t need to make any suggestions, and I love the cover I have. So, pretty much all I did was give the thumbs up, after the artists responsible delivered their vision.

Do you want to see HOW TO TELL TOLDEO FROM THE NIGHT SKY be made into a movie or a TV show?

That would be wonderful.

Speaking of TOLEDO, where do you get the inspiration for the titles? They are so unique and catchy!

Shine Shine Shine came from the chorus of a Carbon Leaf song. They’re a Virginia band, and the song, “Shine,” was sort of an anthem for me when I was writing. How to Tell Toledo From the Night Sky has been with me for so long I can’t even remember how I first hit on it. I’ve been writing this book since 2004, so at some point early on that title must have emerged. It speaks to the duality of the book — astronomy/astrology, humans/gods, the Aristotelian perfection of the heavenly spheres and the messy imperfection of humanity, the city, the decaying earth.

Do you have favorite characters in your books? Or should characters, like children, think they are all the favorite?

Well, you always have to fall in love with your male lead. And since to a large extent both Maxon and now George have elements of my husband in them, I’d say the boys are my favorite. The women are messier, more complicated, more connected to myself, so they’re harder to love.

What’s next for you, Lydia? Book tour? More writing? A combination?

I’m doing some book events in July while my children are at summer camp, including some in the South and also in Toledo, Ohio. Then we’re traveling in August as a family. I’m deep into a new novel, of course. My mind is already with those characters, those problems, those ideas. Can’t wait for you all to read it!


*Special thanks to Lydia Netzer and Angelique at St. Martin’s for their role in this interview!

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And now for the giveaway:

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