Eyes on You by Kate White

eyes on you by kate white

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Traveling With T was given a copy of EYES ON YOU at BEA 2014.

Eyes on You

Robin Trainer is on top of the world. After losing her on-aire job 2 years ago, she has written a book that has everyone talking and  is co-host of a show that is getting rave reviews. Basically, Robin is feeling pretty good about life! Then things start to happen. Her book jackets are torn and a viciously nasty note is left in her purse. When she comes back to her office to find a gruesome surprise one night, Robin feels pretty confident that someone is out to get her.

When Robin begins to have not so pleasant interactions with another news host- she wonders if she is behind the nasty pranks. But, Robin mainly considers these to be pranks- until someone tampers with her makeup and she has a severe reaction.

Robin knows that someone is playing for keeps and wants her out of the way- and everyone is a suspect. When Robin decides to dig further and find out who is after her- she encounters more problems. But when the truth is revealed and the adversary shows their true colors- will Robin be able to beat them? Or will Robin lose?


Traveling With T’s Thoughts:

First, I adore Kate White. I began reading her Bailey Weggins novels when Kelly Ripa introduced Reading With Ripa– and became a fan immediately. This is Kate’s 3rd stand-alone novel, and one that I eagerly looked forward to after reading her second stand-alone THE SIXES (thereby proving to me that Kate can write the heck out of a Bailey Weggins story as well as dabble in the stand-alone world of books).

The plot: Woman who rises back to be on top to only contend with a secret adversary has all kinds of ripped from the headlines appeal to me. The characters were fleshed out- and Kate dropped enough red herrings and twists in the story to keep you guessing about the adversary’s identity.

This is a thriller, but it has more of subtle feel than an OMG in your face pacing of the book and the reveal of key facts. There are many suspects and the reader will question everyone (even the victim!) But, as the final pages are turned, you will begin to understand the surprise that Kate White has in store- and you will enjoy!


*EYES ON YOU was given to Traveling With T at BEA 2014 in exchange for the possibility of review. As with other books that I am sent from publishers, this review is fair and honest- all thoughts and opinions are mine alone.


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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2 thoughts on “Eyes on You by Kate White

  1. This sounds really interesting! The plot sounds fascinating and I like the idea of a somewhat more subtle thriller. I also like that the author writes standalones. So many thrillers seem to be series these days!

    • I just adore Kate White books- this is her 3rd standalone mystery (I think) and I’ve read 2 of them- I think this was the better of the standalones that I have read. Her series books, though, are almost standalones as well- there is very little info that has to be understood from book to book.

      Kate, being a former Cosmo editor in chief, has the whole glitzy magazine/media/NYC angle down pretty good- which adds something to the books in my opinion!

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