Johnny Shaw Interviews Jimmy Veeder (Plaster City Blog Tour & Giveaway)

Plaster City by Johnny Shaw

Photo Credit: Thomas and Mercer

Today, Traveling With T is a stop on the Plaster City by Johnny Shaw blog tour! My stop on the tour consists of the humorous interview that Johnny Shaw conducts with his main character, Jimmy Veeder. After you read the interview, be sure and enter the giveaway via the Rafflecopter link ( Kindle Fire HD and e-copy of PLASTER CITY!)



Because my Jimmy Veeder Fiasco series is set in the Imperial Valley on the Calexico/Mexicali border where I grew up, in a house very similar to the house that I grew up in, and across the street from a field worker bar strangely similar to the bar I grew up across the street from, some people believe that the character Jimmy Veeder and I are the same person.


So to dispel those rumors, I sat down with Jimmy for an interview to ask him a few questions about what happens in the newest fiasco PLASTER CITY.


JOHNNY: What did you do this time?


JIMMY: Why is it that it’s always something I did?


JOHNNY: Because it usually is.


JIMMY: Fair enough. This time, I was just trying to help my best friend Bobby. His teenage daughter disappeared and I helped him look for her. But it seems that doing the right thing ain’t always the easiest thing to do. In fact, the more we tried to do the right thing, the more wrong things went. Dare I say that it turned into a bit of a fiasco?


JOHNNY: Careful. That’s my shtick.


JIMMY: The Imperial Valley is just that kind of place where anything can happen. It’s right on the Mexican border. But it’s also the desert. And among the normal folk, there are a contingent of people that are drawn to the desert that are this odd mishmosh of leave-me-alones and get-off-my-lawns. After a big mess up in Indio and Thermal, we ended up in Plaster City and then all hell really broke loose.


JOHNNY: Are you ever going to settle down?


JIMMY: I keep trying. I mean, I got a kid now. Angie, my girlfriend, puts up with these antics, but I can see that she’s starting to get a little tired of it. She won’t make me choose between her and my loyalty to Bobby, but it often strains our relationship. You can only live a life this crazy for so long. I have responsibilities now.


JOHNNY: Tell me about Bobby Maves.


JIMMY: I love the guy, but he’s going to get me killed. When I moved back to the Imperial Valley, we would go out maybe once a month, raise some hell, get some bruises. It was fun and helped me blow off steam. But he recently broke up with his cop girlfriend and it went from every month to every night. I want to be there for him, but I neither have that kind of stamina nor interest. He’s my best friend, but he’s dangerous. I don’t know what to do.


JOHNNY: Any last thoughts?


JIMMY: I’m not a cop or a detective or even a guy looking for trouble. It’s like trouble always follows me. I’m hoping that after all the recent chaos, that I’ll finally be able to settle down and take a break. I’ve seen enough action and excitement for ten lifetimes. I think I’m finally done with it.


JOHNNY: Yeah, probably not.


JIMMY: What does that mean?


JOHNNY: Nothing. Don’t worry about it.


Now, after reading that interview- aren’t you a bit curious about PLASTER CITY? I thought you might be!

Plaster City by Johnny Shaw

Photo Credit: Thomas and Mercer

Jimmy Veeder and Bobby Maves are back at it, two years after the events of Dove Season—they’re not exactly the luckiest guys in the Imperial Valley, but, hey, they win more fights than they lose.

Settled on his own farmland and living like a true family man after years of irresponsible fun, Jimmy’s got a straight life cut out for him. But he’s knocking years off that life thanks to fun-yet-dangerous Bobby’s booze-addled antics—especially now that Bobby is single, volatile, profane as ever, and bored as hell.

When Bobby’s teenage daughter goes missing, he and Jimmy take off on a misadventure that starts out as merely unfortunate and escalates to downright calamitous. Bobby won’t hesitate to kick a hornets’ nest to get the girl to safety, but when the rescue mission goes riotously sideways, the duo’s grit—and loyalty to each other—is put to the test.

Johnny Shaw Photo  Credit Original painting by Roxanne Patruznick

Johnny Shaw Photo Credit Original painting by Roxanne Patruznick

Author Bio

Johnny Shaw was born and raised on the Calexico/Mexicali border, the setting for his Jimmy Veeder Fiasco novels, Dove Season and Plaster City. He is also the author of the Anthony Award-winning adventure novel, Big Maria.

His shorter work has appeared in Thuglit, Crime Factory, Shotgun Honey, Plots with Guns, and numerous anthologies. He is the creator and editor of the fiction magazine,Blood & Tacos, which recently added a phone app, a Podcast, and a book imprint to its empire.

Johnny lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife, artist Roxanne Patruznick.


The PLASTER CITY blog tour has a pretty terrific giveaway with a Kindle Fire HD and e-copy of PLASTER CITY up for grabs! Check the Rafflecopter link for ways to enter:

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Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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