Bloggiesta Challenge: Facebook Page for Blog? Yay or Nay?

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Well folks.. it’s that time! It’s time to run to those blogs, works those fingers to the bones to make your blog the best bloggy-blog version it can be- to get tips and advice! Bloggiesta is fun and a great way to meet other bloggers while you are working hard on the blog! For a more technical definition of what Bloggiesta is, read that article (I’ll wait and sip on a margarita while you do that- because Bloggiesta and Margarita go together like PB&J!)

So… When Suey J put out the call to bloggers saying they needed more bloggers to host a challenge- I was intrigued- especially when I saw the opportunity to chat about Facebook Page For Your Blog: Yes or No? Couple of quick emails later and now here we are!

should I have a Facebook page for my blog bloggiesta

Do You Need A Facebook Page For Your Blog?

Do you? It’s just another piece of social media to keep up with, to update, to have to work with.

So maybe you don’t need it. Maybe you feel like it’s another piece of social media and you’ll just drown under the pressure of keeping up with one more account.

And I know you are thinking “Hey T, aren’t all the cool kids hanging out at Google Plus? Isn’t Facebook going the way of the dinosaur?”

Short answers: No, you don’t really have to have a Facebook blog page. Yes, I can understand why you would feel like you are drowning in a sea of social media. And yes, for many reasons, people are jumping ship from Facebook to Google Plus.

So why in the heck are we debating the fact of having a Facebook blog page?

Because, it might just be worth the time.

Take a minute… and Google Traveling With T (I’ll wait right here). Ok, now that you have done that- you see that Traveling With T’s Facebook page is #2 on the Google search page (or it was today as I Googled it myself). Is that good? Is that bad? I’m not sure. What I do know is this: Having a social media presence and Google seeing this cannot be a bad thing. It just can’t.

Now, I’ll admit.. Facebook has been shooting itself in the foot lately with algorithms, wanting you to pay for advertising, and more of that stuff. And Google Plus is welcoming us bloggers with big open arms and showing major bloggy love. But, don’t forget the Facebook. Use it. Make an effort. It’ll pay off.

Why You Want A Facebook Page For Your Blog

It’s another place to share your blog posts. Let’s face it- you want your blog to be known (and why shouldn’t you?) So, having a place to share your posts is a good thing.

It’s a way to meet bloggers. With most bloggers having a Facebook page, creating your own will give you a way to meet other bloggers.

Like stats? Welcome to Facebook! Each week, Facebook will send you an email about your weekly stats.

Tips for Rocking Your Facebook Page

So you’ve decided to take the plunge. And the likes are not rolling in. Bummer, I know.

– Play around with posting times. Read The Best Times to Post on Facebook for more info. Key Takeaway: 6-8am and 2-5pm are pretty good times to post.

Interact with others. So the likes for your page are dribbling in (that’s ok!) Use this time to interact with the people who are liking your page. Also, go out in the wild word of Facebook and “like” a few pages. Could lead to more likes for your page. (Don’t do that whole “dropping by from X page or ask someone to like you, though.)

Don’t Just Post Your Blog Posts to Facebook page. I know you are thinking “It’s MY Facebook page, so what the heck am I going to post?” Don’t just post YOUR stuff. Post cool articles from Book Riot or updates from fav authors about upcoming books. Even better- be a good bloggy person and post a link to a review that you liked of another blogger. #sharebloggylove

Stay Active, But Be Smart About Social Media– here is the thing- your Facebook page probably won’t be a overnight success. Post, keep an active presence, interact with people who comment- but don’t post too much in one day. No hard and fast rule for how much to post- just know it’s better to leave people wanting more than getting tired of you.

Bloggiesta Challenge:

Create a Facebook page for your blog during Bloggiesta. Getting started is the first step!

Objectives for Bloggiesta Weekend:

– Post 3 posts (at least 3- more is fine, though)

– Types of Post: Pictures, Book Covers, Links to reviews, a personal post- really, it’s limitless.

– Like at least 5 Facebook blog pages

– Pay attention to how many people are seeing the posts, the times you are posting, and what kind of post it is (is it a link to review? A picture of a book you are dying to read? Maybe a picture of a crafty project or recipe?)

– Add a Facebook blog button or the Facebook widget to your blog (you gotta let people know you are on Facebook!)

Already have a Facebook page? That’s cool. You won’t have to make another. Just follow the objectives (post at least 3 times, like at least 5 Facebook blog pages, take notes of time/types of post that are gathering most attention!)


And because you will have worked your booty off all weekend- working on that bloggy-blog is hard work- Traveling With T is having a giveaway!

And the prize is: A 15 buck ($15.00) Amazon Gift card (US only). Just click that Rafflecopter link below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

T Traveling With T pic sign off

46 thoughts on “Bloggiesta Challenge: Facebook Page for Blog? Yay or Nay?

  1. T! I had this same internal conversation with myself a few months ago. I made one, I just don’t really expect a lot from it because of the way that Facebook makes the posts not show up for everyone. Ill try out your tips and see if it’s a little more effective.

    • Oh I was back and forth. Then I made it. Then I was like all “No likes?!” I have stressed myself over this page back and forth at times. Now, I’m way more cool about the page- I schedule posts, I put pics up, I just have fun with it. And for me, it’s working! Email me if you have any questions or just need someone to spitball ideas with!

  2. I’ve debated a ton creating a Facebook page (I’ve had one, haven’t had one, etc), but right now I keep it with my personal page. It’s been working for me well, so I’ll keep it for a while :). Excellent points of discussion though!

    • For me, I wanted a place away from my personal page. Most of my “friends” don’t read much and don’t know I blog, so I try to keep it separate. But, I think the way you do it works as well. The only problem you may run into is that with a personal FB page- you can only have so many friends (I think it’s like 5,000) Which may not even be an issue- but, just food for thought. For Fan pages- I don’t think there is a limit to how many “fans” you can have.

      Glad you enjoyed the post! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. We have a Facebook page, primarily because I thought it would be one more way for people to follow, particularly non-blogger readers who might not want to follow by email or who might not use a reader. It’s not overly popular, but it does have about 50 likes, which seems to make it worthwhile. But I think I definitely need to use some of your tips to make it more interactive and relevant.

    • And those are good reasons to have a Facebook page! Def try these tips- I think with playing with the type of posts, times, and more you will see more interaction on the page! Let me know how it goes!

  4. Kelly says:

    When I googled today, your Facebook page came in at #6 on Google. Interesting.

    I’ve been debating the Facebook issue since I got back in to blogging. I have one, and it’s updated automatically through Networked Blogs. I offer it as an option, in case that’s someone’s preferred method of following a blog. But with how Facebook has changed their pages policy recently, I’m still not sure if it’s worth having, especially if I’m not interested in hosting conversation there or paying to have my posts advertised.

    I’ll have to try some of your tips and see if it reinvigorates my desire to have a FB page!

    • Oh drats! Ok it was #2 when I wrote this post (and I just googled it and it was #2 then- but I did notice one day it was #6- around the time I verified my Pinterest page.) Now, I’m not sure why it’s bumping all around b/c I’m totally not a SEO expert- but anyway…

      Yes! I totally understand your feelings on Facebook. And having a social media site that you aren’t interested in keeping up with is a time drain (because I’m a firm believer in the fact that just because there is a social media site doesn’t mean you have to be on there!) I’m NOT paying to have my posts advertised (no freaking way!) At this point, I do not make money off my blog- so paying for FB advertising would just be crazy.

      I hope you find that some of the tips works for you. I just try to keep it fresh and new at my Facebook page- pictures of funny stuff, book covers and more- things that I like to look at, and hope others like it. For me, it’s working- but it may not for you (or may not be worth your time).
      Please, at some point, pop back by here and let me know how things went with the tips. And happy Bloggiesta!

  5. Wonderful post. I have a Facebook for my blog and love it for the weekly stats emails, although sometimes it gets depressing. I am going to try the various posting times trick, see how that does me. Thank you again for this wonderful informative post!

    • Thanks (and thanks for stopping by!) It DOES get depressing seeing the stats (especially when one week you have a kick-butt week, then the next it’s all cricket chirping) Fingers crossed that one of the tips helps you with your Facebook page!

  6. For me it’s absolutely not worth it. Yeah, you could argue that having it, even if it does very little, is better than not having it (which obviously does nothing). But I recently read that FB is dropping the reach percentage AGAIN unless you pay up. And I’m just not interested in putting in the time and effort when they keep playing these games with who will and won’t see what I post.

    (Plus, FB annoyed me so much just as a personal user that I deleted my account, and I’m not eager to go back to it any time soon. Never say never… but I’m not holding my breath.)

    • Absolutely valid point- for some, it will not be worth it at all. I have not read the news that FB is dropping the reach percentage unless you pay up (I’ll be on the lookout for that) Again, as I’ve said- FB is shooting itself in the foot on some things. Right now, I’m still seeing some good in having a page- but time will tell if that continues.
      For me, I’m not a HUGE FB-fan (but I don’t hate it). I’m still on it with my personal page a fair amount, keeping up with buddies- so it’s easy to flip to my blog page and post a bit and keep up with bloggy things. However, I totally understand your POV.

      I’m curious, are you working more on a Google Plus account for your social media? Or more of a Twitter gal?

      • I’ve recently joined Google+, which I’m enjoying… still feeling my way around, but ultimately I plan to use it to share the kind of stuff that I would share on FB. But Twitter is definitely my #1.

      • Yes! I knew I was seeing you on Google+, but I still feel like such a newbie over there 😦 I adore Twitter, but I need to get my Twitter lists under control because I keep feeling like I’m missing out on on some of the important bloggers I want to keep up with!

    • You are so welcome! I’m still getting slightly more views on my Facebook page as opposed to G+ as well. I’ve read a bit of the info on G+ vs FB and while I think that G+ is going to be the better alternative, I’m still wanting to keep my FB page fresh and fun.

    • I hadn’t read that, but I did read this in Buffer (which I recently started using for my Twitter) I’m just copying and pasting from Buffer the section that applies to our convo:

      From FAQ in Buffer:
      Why is it telling me that I have hit a daily limit for Facebook posts?
      We’ve introduced a 25 post per day limitation based on recommendations from Facebook to limit daily posting. They actually recommend 5 per day as the limit, but 25 is really the upper limit that they allow without decreasing the reach of your posts.

      With that info- it shows that FB is decreasing the reach of your posts. Right now, when I schedule- I schedule 2-3 to go out a day. Now when I get over there and are doing it in real time- I may do a couple back to back. I don’t have a “set” amount of post per day- but I try to not post more than 3 a day. Why did I pick 3? Morning, Noon and Night πŸ™‚

      • Interesting. My info was not about the limit of posts, but about what people tend to want to view. It was something like if you post more than that, you’re more likely to have people hide you on FB. And if you post 1 time per day-ish (not including likes and comments on people’s posts) then you’re more likely to be interacted with.

      • Oh, the struggles of knowing how much is too much to post! It’s enough to make you want to pull your hair out! I don’t know about when you look through the timeline, but I find myself seeing things from that day (but also from the previous days). It’s a good mix in my timeline. I always am curious to know how other’s timelines look (ex: are the things I post a good mix in the other stuff or what?)

        As far as likes- I def “like” more than I comment (but I’m sure you knew that as it goes in with my “lurker” side!)

  7. Thanks for this. I recently made a FB page for my blog and now that I have one i can see how useful it is. I’m still getting used to taking the time to post more non-blog content there, but it is coming along slowly, but steadily.

    • You are so welcome! I’m glad you are enjoying your FB page! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I try to do a mix: Some of my own blog content, some buddies blog content, pictures, and giveaway info. Keeps me busy!

    • Wonderful! Thanks for liking and for stopping by to comment! I hope you get some more likes on your Facebook page (I’ll be checking in on you!) If you have any questions, just feel free to ask me on my FB page! Happy Bloggiesta!

  8. callista83 says:

    I’ve had my FB page since 2010 but it’s been neglected lately. So I edited the settings and info and I posted to my timeline today. I have liked your page and will like 4 more that I don’t already. I need to change my cover image and avatar but I don’t have a new logo for my blog yet so there’s nothing to change yet.

    PS – Why is the giveaway US Only? If it’s an electronic amazon GC, I can still use it (I’m Canadian).

    • I don’t think there is a magic formula for how many posts a week you should have on FB, but do try to avoid the neglecting of it. If it’s not a huge priority, I would try to post at least 2 times a week- just to keep it from being neglected.

      As far as the giveaway, it’s not an electronic gift card, it’s a real one and I’m including some other goodies- hence my US only clause. I never stated that it was an electronic gift card and I made my limitations abundantly clear- which I feel is fair.

  9. Great post! I’m currently just posting my blog posts to facebook automatically and I’m debating whether or not to try to do more. If I add more than just my posts, I feel like the only way to do that is to share things that I already share on other social medai. Do you post things to facebook and to twitter? Or perhaps to facebook and from there to twitter? Or other social media sites? Thanks for your help! πŸ™‚

    • Thank you! Ok, so I don’t have my posts automatically posted to Facebook (or Twitter, either). I eventually get around to posting my posts to both Twitter and FB (but not on a certain schedule). On Facebook, I like to post more of my book covers, or book funnies. Sometimes I even pose a question for discussion. I feel on FB I have more room to talk (and I can be long-winded). I don’t sweat it if I post to FB and then never get it to Twitter (or G+).
      If I plan ahead (or will be gone for a few days) I try to schedule a few posts to FB, just so it’s not sitting there all boring.
      I know some people don’t like to share the same things on Twitter that they share on FB (or vice versa). If you are concerned about that, I would just alternate days- like if I posted today’s post to FB, wait and post it to Twitter later in the week. Does that make sense?

  10. SIGH… Unfortunately a few years ago… right when I started my blog actually, facebook blocked my blog as spam. I wrote about it here: Basically I have tried and tried to get it unblocked but talking to facebook is like talking to the wall. Then when they took over instagram I had to remove my blog link from there too. Nightmare. Oh well… I am over it now (or am I????)

  11. I only started my FB page recently but I really enjoy it. I don’t have a lot of likes yet but I do have a good bit of interaction from those that have liked the page already. I love twitter but it’s so handy not being restricted to 140 characters πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the tips (the times to post was interesting, I’m going to try scheduling around that to see how it works).

    And nope, we don’t NEED it but as long as we enjoy it, then it’s all good!

    • YES! I adore Twitter, but those 140 character limits- well…. it’s a pain sometimes. Wonderful that you are getting a good bit of interaction already!

      You are so welcome! Most of this is just stuff I’ve been trying on my FB page (except for the times- I do post usually in those time frames- but I just found that article!)

      Agreed! As long as you are enjoying it- that’s great! πŸ™‚

    • You are welcome! πŸ™‚ Just have fun with it! I don’t think there is a magic number as to how much to post, etc- but you def want to strike the right balance- so play around with it!

      If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

  12. Hi T, I spent this past Friday night reading the helpful posts that are part of Bloggiesta and updating my blog based on the suggestions. I wasn’t even aware of Bloggiesta until I read your post, so thank you for introducing me to this great blogging event!

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