17 Books Is Too Long For A Love Triangle That Is Going Nowhere.

Blackberry Pie Murder

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This is it. The 17th book in this series has broken my will to read another book in this series. The love triangle that will never end has killed my book loving soul.

Cozy mysteries are some of my favs to read- they are light, fluffy, dashes of romance and small-towns with interesting characters. They are series, so you, the reader, gets plenty of time to know the characters. That’s the good thing about cozy mysteries.

Cozy mysteries deal with s-e-x & romance in variously different ways. Some (Lucy Burdette’s KEY WEST FOOD CRITIC, for example,) the main character is looking for love. Others (Kate Collins’s FLOWER SHOP mysteries- the main character has found love and is married). Different ones have different ways to acknowledge the relationship between a man and woman- some do it with a “wink and nudge”, others are a teensy bit more in your face about it (but never to the point of a 50 Shades situation). Joanne, though, chooses not to acknowledge. At all. Her earlier books had a couple of mentions of some romance- but the past few, she has stalled. The love triangle between Hannah, the main character, and her 2 suitors have cooled considerably. Now it’s like they are all good friends and Hannah occasionally wonders which one is right for her.

Lots of readers like the “clean” aspect of Joanne Fluke’s stories and I have to say that is fine with me. But, after 17 books, 17 books in which she is “dating” both the single male characters in this series- it is time. Time to make a choice. Time to pick someone. This carrot of who she will pick has been dangled 1 too many times- and it’s time for an end.

Why did I read this last book? I want to see a resolution. I want to feel that my time spent with Hannah was worth something and not fruitless.

I’ve been a Hannah fan for some time (but I’ve always given out tough love when it comes to Hannah- see: Joanne Fluke, Hannah Swensen and the “love triangle that needs to end“.

After this last book, BLACKBERRY PIE MURDER, I’m just at the end of the rope. I’m convinced that Joanne Fluke has no intentions of ending the triangle and will continue to write about Hannah, Mike and Norman “dating” for the rest of their lives.


Joanne, wherever you are, I hope sincerely that you are reading the reviews of the book, that you are reading the Amazon reviews- not to have your feelings hurt- but to see that there are people out there who really have enjoyed this series in the past and wish that there would be some changes, some fresh air breathed back in the series. Most of us like Hannah and wish to see her grow as a character.


How many books do you think is too long for a love triangle? Share your thoughts by commenting!


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12 thoughts on “17 Books Is Too Long For A Love Triangle That Is Going Nowhere.

    • Cozy mysteries you have to have a bit of patience with. Because they are a series generally there is some slow momentum. BUT, my gosh, usually the triangle is over by this point in the series. The main character might not be married, but there will be resolution. My endurance has bit the dust!

  1. Amanda D says:

    This is way too love for a love triangle. It needs to end soon. I almost stopped reading this series for that reason. It was taking away from my enjoyment of the story because I was waiting and hoping each time to finally find out who Hannah was going to choose. Once I gave up on that, I was able to enjoy the stories again. At this point, I think a 3rd man needs thrown into the mix because I don’t think Hannah is crazy enough about either of these guys anymore to marry either of them. She needs one to fall head over heels in love with enough that she won’t sit and ponder who is best for her.

    • So each book I try not to think about the triangle. But I can’t help it. I just think it should be resolved. I THINK Joanne Fluke would rather write cookbooks with bits of stories attached (since the recipes grow longer each book!)
      Ole Joanne tried that 3rd man (back in book 8, I believe).

      Here’s kind of what I think will happen in the next book- especially since Hannah kind of seemed a bit more into Norman over the past few books- I do wonder if she’ll finally pick Norman this next book. But, who knows? I’ve been thinking that she’d pick him the last few books!

      • Amanda D says:

        You have a better memory then me! Until you mentioned it, I forgot about the 3rd man in the earlier book. Well, that’s out. I do agree that it seems Hannah is leaning more towards Norman with the things she says. I’m just not feeling the love but maybe that’s because this has been drug out so long.

        I have noticed that about the recipes. That’s why she needs to make a choice. It would change the dynamic and give her more material to write about.

        I haven’t read this book yet but I was wondering about it. I was glad to see your review so I know what to expect or in this case not expect from the book.

      • You know what infuriates me? The way that Joanne mentions on her website when questioned about Norman or Mike is that Hannah has not made up her mind and to not rule out Ross yet- old flames have a way of coming back around.
        Since it was BOOK 8 when we last hear of Ross, I think that is just ridiculous.

        YES. Between the recipes and the triangle, I’m ugh.

        If you read, do not buy. Library book only!

  2. Wow, I think more than a book is too much for a love triangle, much less 17! It drives me crazy when characters are indecisive and it seems like there would have to be a lot of that for a love triangle to go on for so long!

    • The downside of a cozy is that it usually takes time to set things up- so you are looking at a minimum of 3-5 books of setting up, love triangle, or just the girl getting the guy.

      This. This is by far ridiculous. I used to actually buy these books b/c I had nothing but love for them. Last night I was looking at them all on shelves- they are going to get downgraded to the box of books on the floor. Other books deserve the shelf room more than these now.

      And you would think that there would be a lot going on- but there isn’t! They go out on dates which usually get crashed by a mystery or a family member. The whole cast gets together in every book for some event and she sits between them at the dinner table. There is warm hugs. There is occasional kisses. THERE Is NOTHING FOR THIS TRIANGLE TO HAVE WENT ON FOR 17 BOOKS! Ai yay yi!

  3. CINDY says:


  4. Leah Ann says:

    I stopped at the Carrot Cake Murder, and today I decided to make a list of some things that I wanted to read. I thought that maybe I would continue with this series and out of curiosity, I searched Google to see if she actually made a decision between Norman and Mike. So I see that at book 17 (or whatever this is) she still hasn’t. Are you freaking kidding me?!?! I think that my decision has been made for me.

    • I am hoping, hoping, hoping, HOPING that the next book will have some resolution. But I am not buying another book. Between the love triangle and the recipes that are getting to take up much more of the book- well, I can just get at library!

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!! If the triangle is resolved- I’ll be chatting about it!

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