10 Romance Books You Gotta Read for Valentine’s Day

10 romance you should read for vday

A few weeks ago, I was talking to Kristin (Always With a Book) on the phone and we got to talking about romance books. Both of us enjoy them- although Kristin is more knowledgeable than I am about the good ones! After talking to her, I began thinking about Valentine’s Day and how I wanted to work with a fellow blogger about great books to read for Valentine’s Day. Together, we have compiled a list- a great list, I think, of books to read for Valentine’s Day. Romance and romantic suspense- happy reading for Valentine’s Day!

Always With A Book suggests these 5 books for Valentine reading:

1. Fireworks over Toccoa (Always With a Book’s review)

2. Love Letters (Always With A Book’s review)

3. Bella Fortuna (Always With A Book’s review)

4. Pride and Prejudice

5. Kissing Under the Mistletoe (Always With A Book’s review)

Don’t they all sound great? And- picture this: Mr. Darcy on Valentine’s Day- bliss!

Traveling With T suggests these 5 books for Valentine’s Day reading:

1. River Road (Traveling With T’s review)

2. Unleashing Mr. Darcy (Traveling With T’s review)

3. A Seaside Christmas ( Traveling With T’s review)

4. Starry Night (Traveling With T’s review)

5. Sleigh Bells in the Snow (Traveling With T’s review)

Hopefully you’ll find a great book to read for Valentine’s Day!

Be sure and check out the Pinterest board that Always With A Book and I created for “Romance Books You Should Be Reading“.

Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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4 thoughts on “10 Romance Books You Gotta Read for Valentine’s Day

    • P&P is ok. Honestly, when reading it- if I hadn’t known the good things that would happen (thanks P&P the movie!) I’d have quit. As it was, I found myself saying “Jane, we could have edited a few of these pages out” (I know, I know, someone’s going to take my book lover card away for thinking that. But it’s true!)

      Romance, to me, actually gets a bad rap in the lit world. YES, there are some that are not well-written and really do rely too much on the “hot” scenes- but there are some that I enjoy- when in the mood for a light and sweet read. I don’t hold up a sign saying that I LOVE all romance (just like I don’t love all Southern lit, women’s fiction, & suspense/mystery).

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