Weekend in Granbury, TX- a weekend filled with bookish delights

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A few weeks ago, it was time for Unofficial Booktopia. What is Unofficial Booktopia, you ask? Well, Unofficial Booktopia is a play on Official Booktopia (hosted by the fantastic Books on The Nightstand). How did it all start? A few of us met in Oxford, MS back in 2012- and we became fast friends- discussing books, going out for drinks, and just having a good time. After that weekend, we all stayed in touch through the power of social media and monthly phone chats. Unofficial Booktopia happened, though, because in 2013- none of the Booktopia sites were close for 2 of us to get to be able to attend (basically, it was a wing and a prayer kind of thing). So, one suggested- let’s get together in Jackson, MS (home to Lemuria Books). So we began the plan and it worked! We all managed to get together (and engage in some literary hijinks!) We had such a good time that Unofficial Booktopia was born- and this year, it was in Texas. The weekend is similar to the real Booktopia, except we don’t have the authors appearing and we don’t have as big of a crowd- but it’s nice to talk to these ladies and have a good bookish time!

The books we picked to discuss:

The Goldfinch was a big hit- with everyone but me. I tried. I tried. I TRIED. I just couldn’t do it. And at page 250, I chose life instead of the utter dread from picking up that darn book one more time. Maybe one day I’ll revisit it and see the magic everyone else is saying- but maybe not.

The Son was picked because of it’s ties to Texas- and while I had begun to read, I had not finished (and have since put it aside for other books). The way the ladies talked about this book- and the 15% or so I’d read gives me hope that this 1 is a better fit for me than The Goldfinch. Time will tell.

A Woman Upstairs– when it was suggested, I was excited- because I had it confused with a different book (something by Sophie Hannah, I think). And in my quest to try to read the 2 loooooooong books, I just never made it to this one. The talk, though, was good- although the group was split into 2 over whether or not I would like it- it’s darker than my usual reads, but as one of them pointed out “T loves Amy from Gone Girl, so this might be just the one she needs to read.”

A Place at the Table was the last book selected. And, the majority of the group did not care for it (but I just loved the book). I was caught up in Me-maw, Bobby and the other stories.

What else did we do besides talk books? Well we went to a used bookstore! And then we went walking around the square- shopping at the stores. I got this cute knit headwrap with a big flower and pearls on it and this super cute blue bird figurine!

After we shopped a bit, we had dinner at Pearl Street Station, which is where our local Texans said to eat- and it was good. I had this smoked turkey sandwich with lemon dill sauce and Kettle chips. Then for dessert- Texas sheet cake- this big, ooey and gooey piece of cake with lots of chocolate. So rich.

For the night, we went to see NOISES OFF at the Granbury Opera- and it was entertaining.

The next morning, a big breakfast and then bookish goodbyes and the Mississippi folks were headed back for a long drive home.

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Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T


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2 thoughts on “Weekend in Granbury, TX- a weekend filled with bookish delights

  1. How fun! I wish I lived close enough to participate in ANY book lovers’ gathering. To be fair, I do attend author events in my area when one I’m interested in visits 🙂 Thanks for telling us about your Unofficial Booktopia.

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