How I cannot wait for Spring….

pretty butterfly


I like to take pictures. Actually love to take pictures is really more accurate. Today, on a cold day, a day that is overcast and kind of drab- I find this picture. A picture that reminds me that spring, butterflies and flowers are not as far off as they seem. And that makes me happy.


Are you counting down the days till Spring? Or is winter more your season?


T Traveling With T pic sign off


2 thoughts on “How I cannot wait for Spring….

    • Bless it! -5 (it’s in the 30’s here and I’m all it’s too cold!) Photography is another little hobby of mine- I just like to play and take pictures- sometimes they turn out really good, sometimes- not so much. I saw that pic in my folder the other day and was “we all need a dose of Spring today!”

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