Guess Who Is A World Book Night Giver?

world book night giver

Guess who has 2 thumbs, loves books and got selected as a World Book Night Giver? Yep, that’s right- THIS GAL. Excuse me while I dance around a bit, sing a song and throw some confetti……

Ok I’m back! Very excited! What is World Book Night you ask? Well here is the technical info, the official info (straight from the website’s mouth). But, basically, World Book Night wants to share the love of reading- so they pick a selection of books, people apply to be givers, and then the givers hand out 20 copies of a book they were selected to hand out. But, you are to hand out the book to light readers/non readers or people who do not have access to books. How cool is that? Sharing the love of reading! Think about it- what if the book you give to someone is THE BOOK that makes them become a reader?! How 100% awesome would that be?!

And…. now… drumroll, please as I announce the book I will be giving away:

where'd you go bernadette

Photo Credit: Goodreads

Yep. That’s the book. Here is the Goodreads info!


What book would you want to give to a stranger to encourage reading?


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T


T Traveling With T pic sign off

10 thoughts on “Guess Who Is A World Book Night Giver?

    • I’d gotten nervous- I didn’t realize they did it in batches (and then once I realized that, I knew with a W I’d be last to hear basically). So I just chilled till I got the email (was so excited!) I can’t wait!

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