What are your reading goals for 2014?

2014 reading goals


A new year, a new set of reading goals!


Reading Goals…. Ahh, my heart just beat a bit faster as I typed that! 2014 is a new year and you need new reading goals. Maybe you want to push yourselves- really strive hard to read as many books as you can. Maybe you already know this year is not going to be the year to make big goals- you might be experiencing a life challenge, or exciting news, or going back to school. It’s cool- the thing about reading goals is that you really aren’t competing against anyone- just you! So whatever the goal for 2014 whether it’s 12 books or 100+ books- set your goals! And tell me 🙂


Thoughts for 2014:


1. Do you want to participate in challenges?

Some people like them. Some don’t. I don’t hate them- but I try to not do so many- pick maybe 1 or 2.


2. Think of how many authors you know you’re going to want to read this year.

For example, I know that Denise Swanson will publish 2 books this year, Jen McKinlay will publish 2 or 3, Sarah Jio will publish at least 1, and on and on. So I know already there is at least 5 books that I want to read- after doing that, you may find out you already have quite a few books you plan to read in 2014.


3. Consider if you want to make room in your schedule for new to you authors.

During the year, you may find some new authors to you- maybe a book blogger is talking about a book, maybe your indie bookstore, maybe in some other way you hear about a book.


4. Don’t be afraid to readjust your goals and don’t beat yourself up if you don’t meet your goals.

Things happen. Life happens. Maybe you are busy. Maybe a reading slump. Just be ok with it!



Traveling With T’s Goals:


1. Read 125 books.

2. Read 10 new to me authors.

3. Make time for my favorite cozy series.

4. To give a book a chance but not to be afraid to DNF if I’m not enjoying.

5. To read at least 10 books that are already on my TBR list.



Let me know what your goals are AND how you are doing over the year!



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12 thoughts on “What are your reading goals for 2014?

  1. A Fresh Tomorrow says:

    Read more male authors — I tend to pick up a lot of works by women.
    Try not to create a ridiculous TBR pile. But I think that’s inevitable.

    Good luck!

    • I def read more female authors- although I am working through James Patterson’s early Alex Cross years and enjoying them!

      When you figure out how to NOT have a ridiculous TBR- clue me in on the secret 😉

      Thanks and good luck to you!

  2. I’m going to aim for about a hundred, I have read that many in other years, but I am also working on a writing project so I may have to scale that 100 back some, we will see there is a whole year ahead of me, I have lots on my tbr list and I know my favorite writers have things that will be published this year and then I always find a few new ones as well, looking forward to a great year reading, but if I can’t get into it in the first hundred pages or so I move on to the next one.

    • Thanks for stopping by!

      And yay for you- 100 is a good number, but with a writing project you may need to change your number- good for thinking ahead!

      Sounds like you have some great goals/plans for 2014! Good luck!

  3. I set a fifty book goal on Goodreads and twelve of them must be classics. I’m fairly well read with the classics, but there are some key books that I’ve never read and if I don’t make it a challenge, I know that I will stick to contemporary authors. Happy Reading!

  4. Reading goals: Read 12 excellent business books; read 12 leading technology books; read 12 excellent spiritually oriented books; highlight each book and put best new ideas in a book journal. Choose the three most important things I’ve learned from each and incorporate them into my life.

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