Guest Post: Stephanie Evanovich reveals her humorous New Year Resolution!

new year resolutions


Over the summer, I had the pleasure of meeting Stephanie Evanovich- author of Big Girl Panties. Stephanie is humorous and sweet- and over the past few months, we’ve stayed in touch. When thinking about authors to ask to contribute their New Year Resolutions to Traveling With T, Stephanie was a person I knew I wanted to ask!


Everyone knows that authors- in addition to writing books, promoting their current book and going on book signing tours- are also expected to have a social media presence. This is great- unless… you find yourself having a hard time with social media. Stephanie tells us all about her resolution about social media- and makes us laugh in the process!


Stephanie Evanovich talks about her social media New Year Resolution


My resolution for 2014 is to try and step up my game in regards to social media. Back in July, when I first started my book tour for BGP, I posted a pic to my then 130 followers on Twitter that included a little joke about hoping the GPS on my rental car was as good as it claimed. Well, the rental car company answered the Tweet, and it blew my mind. Since I am old enough to remember rotary dial phones, the technology completely overwhelmed me. I spent the next week looking behind shower curtains to see if they were actually following me. And it turned me into a total social media wallflower. A writer who is afraid to write stuff is probably a terrible combo. Next year is the year I conquer that fear and embrace all the great things social media has to offer.




Liked Stephanie Evanovich’s resolution? Read Author Spotlight: Stephanie Evanovich or Meeting Stephanie Evanovich for more about her!



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