The Comfort of Lies: Week 1 Questions

comfort of lies

Book Lovers Unite people: It’s time! Week 1 discussion questions have been posted!

Remember- we will only discuss the first section of reading- pgs 1-111.  I just finished that section last night- and boy, does Randy Susan Meyers know how to write a great opening that will hopefully lead to a GREAT discussion!

Week 1 Questions:

1. Tia- would it be simplistic to say she has “daddy issues” and that’s why she had an affair?


2.  Affairs- black and white issue ( affairs are wrong- no question) or gray-issue (it’s not a def “line in the sand” wrong)?


3. Speaking of affairs- who is to blame more- Tia or Nathan? Tia for going after a married man? Or Nathan for breaking his vows? Are they equal in their blame? Can a person be taken that doesn’t want to be taken (at least on some level)?


4. Juliette- when does Juliette go from being a victim to earning a share of blame? When she hides the letter? When she has Caroline over under false pretenses? Or does she still retain her victim status?


5. Should Juliette have left Nathan when she found out about Tia?


6. Is Tia wrong for sending a letter to Nathan? Could her intent have been more malicious than it appeared?


7. Thoughts on Tia getting pregnant- she states about being on the pill since she gave birth. Is that statement telling? Was she not on the pill with Nathan? Was she trying to force Nathan into choosing her by having his baby?


8. Caroline- should Caroline have agreed to adopt Savannah? Or should she have said “no” to adoption? She caved in to her husband’s desires- but what about her own? At what point should 2 people say ” we love each other- but this is a deal-breaker” and part ways?


Thanks for joining in Week 1 of reading The Comfort of Lies!

8 thoughts on “The Comfort of Lies: Week 1 Questions

  1. I believe affairs are wrong. Fidelity in marriage is extremely important to me. In this case, I think Nathan is more to blame because he is breaking vows but Tia definitely shares the responsibility and the consequences. I think Juliette was right to stay with and forgive Nathan–if he was truly repentant. However, trust would surely take some time to rebuild. It appears Juliette is still vulnerable when she finds the letter from Tia. Honestly showing him the letter and a discussion with Nathan probably would have been a better idea but more boring for the reader.

    Tia may have been trying to force Nathan into a more serious and lasting relationship with the pregnancy but if so, she doesn’t try very hard after he leaves. It doesn’t seem to be a planned manipulation at this point. She may have thought she could use the “accident” to her advantage but once he leaves she doesn’t stalk him or even contact him for five years. That behavior seems inconsistent with the pregnancy being a trap from the start.

    I’m still up in the air about Caroline’s character. I think she is conflicted but there is always give and take in a marriage–even on the big things. She does seem to genuinely care about Savannah.

    I’m intrigued so far. I find all the women to be sympathetic characters at this point.

    • I think affairs are wrong as well- but I think it’s very complex issue sometimes- not saying it’s right- it’s just complex!

      Does Tia maybe get the short end of the stick in this b/c she winds up pregnant? Like maybe she got more of the consequences? Just food for thought……

      Do you think Nathan was truly repentant? I’m on the fence about that. Yes, yes, if Juliette had showed the letter immediately, the story would be a tad bit boring 😉

      I’m on the fence about whether Tia tried to use pregnancy as a trap. Part of me says no (b/c of things you said) BUT, I’m reserving final thoughts until I finish the book!

      Caroline- potentially a very interesting character. I think there’s more than meets the eye to her story (re: not wanting a child, exactly) She is good to Savannah- but I wonder if the give and take of her marriage will ultimately lead to it’s demise.

      I’m def intrigued! Can’t wait for more of the story to unfold!

      • At this point, Tia is definitely dealing with more of the consequences because of the pregnancy.

        I’m not sure if Nathan was truly repentant or not. I’m assuming that he at least acted that way since Juliette decided to stay with him. I don’t feel like his character is defined enough for the reader to really know yet.

        I’m curious how it will all play out. Going to read the next section tonight.

  2. I also believe that affairs are wrong, but realize that it’s never quite a black and white issue. I think there is physical cheating and emotional cheating – and while each are completely different, I think they can each be just as hurtful and harmful to a relationship.

    As far as who is more to than, Tia or Nathan – not sure on this…both were in the wrong and I think as the book progresses, we might understand a bit more as to their motivations. I do question Tia’s motivations, though, in getting pregnant in the first place.

    Juliette is a tough one. If I were in her place, I don’t know what I would do…would I give the letter to Nathan or hide it? There relationship is tenuous at best and it seems as if she hasn’t truly forgiven him for straying, so introducing a new child might just be the apple that upsets the cart…or it could bring them to a new understanding.

    I definitely question Carolyn’s motives in agreeing to adopt Savannah. I think at some point this is going to be a huge bone of contention and poor Savannah will be stuck in the middle.

    I am really enjoying this book so far and am looking forward to seeing how things play out. Great choice T! I’m off to read part 2 now…

    • Interesting- bringing up the physical and emotional cheating!
      Do we think that Nathan and Tia was all physical cheating? Or was there some emotional cheating as well? And maybe that’s part of the reason why Juliette is having a difficult time moving on- she wonders about the emotional?

      Juliette not giving the letter is what makes her so complex, so layered to me- on one hand- 2 wrongs don’t make a right- BUT I can’t say that I’d freely give that letter to Nathan.

      Caroline- I’m questioning everything about her! But, also supportive of her in some ways- I don’t think she has to give up the things that make her “her” to be a mother- BUT, I also don’t think she should have agreed to adoption unless she was truly ready to be a mom.

      Thank you! I’m loving this book!

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