Ask Kimberly McCreight author of Reconstructing Amelia (spoilers possible!)

Attention: Book Lovers Unite Online Book Club- it’s time to announce the surprise: Kimberly McCreight author of recon amelia Reconstructing Amelia has agreed to answer questions for us! (I’ll pause for applause for a minute!)

The Details:

Wed June 26th, there will be a blog post here on Traveling With T. It will be titled Kimberly McCreight Answers. Kim has graciously offered 2 hours of her time to answer questions that I’ll have posted in that blog post.

Because of her schedule- and because she graciously offered to help- all questions for her will be posted ahead of time. This will not be a chat. However, do stop by sometime that day (the 26th) and offer thanks (if you don’t mind).

Kim will be answering the questions from 2-4pm EST on the 26th- I’ll be here keeping an eye on the page- and I hope you stop in and tell her how much you enjoyed the book!


On this post, write the questions you wish to ask Kimberly McCreight. As this is public, let’s try to not be just too #spoilery if possible- but do ask questions you want to know.

You have from now till June 25- around 5pm EST to post your questions. I need time to get the questions posted myself.

In trying to not spoil the book for others, there will be a Spoiler Possible note attached to Wed’s blog post.

If you have any questions about how to do this- please direct a comment at me.

I hope ya’ll enjoy and I hope to see you around on the 26th 🙂



12 thoughts on “Ask Kimberly McCreight author of Reconstructing Amelia (spoilers possible!)

  1. Carrie Rice says:

    Q: Did you know from the very beginning who would hurt Amelia?
    Q: What is your all-time favorite book?
    Q: What kinds of books do you like to read?
    Q: did you attend a prep school like Amelia’s or participate in any sororties?

    • Yes! Just post any question you have to that post- and I’ll type them up and post every question on Wed the 26th. Kim’s only going to be able to be around for a bit that day- so I want to make sure all the questions are ready for her ahead of time!

  2. k2reader says:

    This is so cool!!!

    Here are my questions:
    – Where did you get the idea for this story?
    – Is any of this story based on personal experience?
    – Did you have a target audience in mind when writing the book?
    – What are you currently reading?

    I’ll be anxious to see what else is asked and read all the answers!!!

  3. My questions:
    1) if RA was turned into a movie who would you cast?
    2) The ups and downs of family relationships is at the heart of RA. Was it easy or difficult to write about this?
    3) Where do you write? Do you have any rituals?
    4). What do you hope your readers take with them after reading RA?

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