Reconstructing Amelia: Week 4 Questions/Discussion

recon ameliaWe’re almost done! Today, you should begin reading the last section. If you’ve already finished- that’s great, too.

I Have 1 more little surprise that will be revealed today- so get ready for that!

June 28th- next Friday will be the last posting about Reconstructing Amelia in the Book Lovers Unite Online Book Club. Overall thoughts and feelings of the books will be discussed that week- I urge you to stop by and let me know how you felt about Reconstructing Amelia.

For today’s questions (Section 4 the last section of reading):

1. #nospoilers: Did anything that was revealed in the last section surprise you?

2. Amelia is accused of cheating at the first of the book. Knowing things we know- should the teacher have suspected anything? Did she suspect anything?

3. There’s a lot of guilt and blame to go around. Many people were acting with their own selfish intentions- instead of Amelia’s best intentions in mind. Is there anyone who does not need to take some blame? Amelia perhaps? Or does she even need to take blame for her part in this role- even though she def played the ultimate price?

4. What, ultimately lead to Amelia’s downfall? Loving Dylan or trying to be a good friend? #nospoilers, please.

5. What, if anything, should happen to Grace Hall? Note: I’ve always held the thought they were liable for at least some of this- But, should Kate sue them? Or should Kate concentrate on moving on & finding some peace?

6. Zadie/Dylan- we’ve talked for some time about their weird relationship. Now, when the book is closed, and you’ve had some time to think: Who actually is the worst person: Zadie because she’s upfront with her b*tchy attitude and hateful ways or Dylan, because she acts 1 way and is another (or perhaps because she really does not who she is- she only knows how to act when told how to act?)


10 thoughts on “Reconstructing Amelia: Week 4 Questions/Discussion

  1. Carrie Rice says:

    The teacher should have known immediately that something was wrong when she read Amelia’s paper. She should have realized that was way out of character and known something was up!!! I would have never accused Amelia of cheating. I would ask her to help me figure out what happened. Makes me mad.
    Grace Hall needs a major overhaul of admin and staff. They are liable, but I don’t know if a suit would accomplish much.

  2. Considering that the English teacher was involved in other ways and really seemed to know how things were going on, Amelia’s “paper” should have been another tip. I am mostly disgusted by how the so-called “adults” acted in this novel. The teens were horrible but the adults should have known better; been more pro-active and more mature.

    I have lots of thoughts but I’m still digesting. Wow.

    • I agree Cindi. I was absolutely disgusted with how the adults behaved in this book! I think that turned out to be the most disturbing part for me.

      I agree also – her teacher should have known that she hadn’t cheated – it was out of character for her….

    • I’m still digesting as well!

      Agreed. While the English teacher may not have known exactly who in the Magpies to blame (although that should have been obvious) she never should have reported Amelia for cheating. However, the reason she was is this: it was CYA time- b/c if she hadn’t reported her, then her secrets might have come tumbling out. However, I think in the big scheme of things, she should have been more worried about about being a teacher and working with students than her other thoughts.

      The adults- goodness- “adults”! OMG, I kept thinking “you selfish people!”

  3. Ok, I have been a bad book club member. The past couple of weeks have been tough for me and the kids and they ended most recently with my youngest getting sick., my apologies if I have not been as attentive as I should have. This group means a lot to me. I love it and all of you, you are all terrific. I will try and be better! With that being said, here are my answers:

    1. The person who ultimately caused Amelia’s death surprised me. Although towards the last 75 pages I started to suspect that is who it was. I also thought Amelia’s father was going to be someone other than who it was. I had suspected all along that Kate had slept with this person, but it did not think it would turn into as big a deal as it has. Now, how’s that for saying it without spoilers? Haaa

    2. Yes, the teacher should have known. She was close to Amelia and understood the inner workings of all of those girls. I think, ultimately Liv was just looking out for Liv and her own interests. This bothered me..I ended up not liking Liv very much.

    3. I do not think there is one character in this book who is not at fault. Even Amelia, although she was a scared teenager – and really, she was acting like most kids just trying to fit in. I do not think Kate was a bad mother, she was just unavailable a lot and Sylvia was a frenemy. Amelia went looking for acceptance and companionship elsewhere. Even the principal, who would be the only one who could be construed as not being at fault is, in my opinion at fault. He knew what should be done and put his own finances and job first. That was not right.

    4. What ultimately led to Amelia’s downfall. Tough question..Obviously getting involved with the Maggies led to her downfall so, she was responsible for her own end. Her involvement with the Maggies led to her being with Dylan, doing questionable things and caused the friction in her friendhship with Sylvia.

    5. I am not a person who believes that losing someone you love can be fixed by suing someone else. However, I do think suing is worth it if it makes the responsible party be held accountable and causes no one else to be hurt. I definitely think the clubs should be outlawed, these kids do not seem to be able to handle the responsibility and they only use them to hurt others.

    6. From what I understood, Dylan had a psychological problem. Couple that with the fact that her mother seemed like a jerk who did not get her the help she needed and I tend to feel like it wasn’t really Dylan’s fault. But I would love to hear everyone’s opinion on this once everyone has read the book. Zadie was awful but also a product of her upbringing and she seemed to have some feelings towards the end of the book.

    I really enjoyed the book..can’t wait for the next one:) Kristin

    • Kristin-

      No need to feel bad- you are missed when we don’t see you here; but understand.
      W/that being said, I’m going to reply to your answers tmrw. I have to get a significant amount of reading in a book done tonight- got a review to post Friday!

  4. k2reader says:

    #1: The whole time I was reading this last section, I kept yelling out loud (and scaring my poor dog as she sat next to me) OMG; WHAT? HUH??? So, yes, there were quite a few things that were revealed that surprised me!

    #3: I don’t think there’s anyone in this book that’s completely blameless.

    #5: I think the board needs to be reorganized; the school needs better direction; and those private clubs need to be banned. I don’t think suing is the answer for Kate…she’s just found out a lot of stuff and needs time to process.

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