Lighthouse Bay by Kimberly Freeman

Lighthouse Bay by Kimberly Freeman takes two tales, stories that happened over a hundred years apart; yet the stories are intertwined in such a way that is believable and engaging.

Libby Slater- beautiful, smart, and grieving her lover who has recently passed away. Libby leaves her life in Paris to go to a cottage that her lover had bought her, a cottage that was meant for plans other than helping Libby grieve. While Libby is in Lighthouse Bay, she’s also hoping to make amends with her sister, Juliet, who she has not spoken to in many years. Libby and Juliet have not spoken in many years because Libby took part in an unforgiveable act- an act that hurt Juliet to her core. Will 20 years be enough time for the sisters to begin to mend the fences?

Isabella Winterbourne, the sole survivor of the Aurora, which sunk off the coast of Australia in 1901- finds herself in situation that is dire, yet tastes of freedom. Finding herself on Lighthouse Bay, she has an opportunity to rename herself, to find her life. To leave her husband’s family and make a run for freedom. Isabella knows it won’t be easy- but even she is not sure of how far the Winterbourne’s will go to find her.

While each story stands on it’s own as good, seeing how the stories are connected, the magical ways they are interweaved- elevates the stories from good to great. With themes of love, guilt and forgiveness- this is a book that is not to be missed.


Thanks to Touchstone Books for providing a review copy. The above review is my own thoughts and opinions.

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