“Serious” book lovers- don’t hate me because I prefer “happy” books.

Last night, I was chatting with a group of women in a conference call about different books. These ladies I met at Booktopia Oxford last summer- and I find them intelligent, articulate, and wonderful. But, as we discuss books and different things, some of the group gets to talking about “serious” books- all the Tournament of Books list, various prestigious awards these books are being considered for, and how most of them were so excited that Orphan Master’s Son won TOB (I’ll be 100% honest: When the ladies wanted to do TOB racket, I was like “sure- I’m in”- and I was doing pretty good. Until Gone Girl got knocked out- because I had Gone Girl taking the Rooster. Side note: this is why I don’t bet in March Madness- I apparently don’t have the skills to pull off the win!)

And while none of the group ever makes fun of me for my lack of serious book reading, this is where I almost being to feel like an imposter in the book world, where I feel like someone is going to discover my lack of “serious” book reading. This is where I begin to ponder the questions: Am I really an avid reader if I don’t prefer the “serious” books? Do I lose “book cred” by not reading the “serious” books- the non-fiction, the tales of life in foreign countries, the dreadful situations, the politically charged?

And thanks to an article that Wendy Wax wrote, I have an answer. Wendy writes: “For those of you who have been made to feel ashamed for choosing a ‘beach read’ over the latest version of War and Peace, I say do not be cowed.”

And so, yes, I freely admit that I read the fun books, the beach books, the cozy books. I like mysteries, I like some Southern Lit. I like the books where the characters go through a bad patch; yet come through it wiser and happy. I still occassionally like a non-fiction, and I don’t mind a book that makes me cry- although I don’t want to cry the whole time I read. I even like books where the ending is not completely clear! I’m just not a fan of the “”serious” books- the ones  that make me want to stick a needle in my eye and pull my hair out! As Bob Ross once said:” We want happy paintings. Happy Paintings. If you want sad things, watch the news.”

Life’s too short to read books that bore you- find the books that make you happy, the books that fulfill you- and read.

12 thoughts on ““Serious” book lovers- don’t hate me because I prefer “happy” books.

  1. Never, never, never be ashamed of what you read. For one, life’s too short, as Ursula will surely tell you in Kate Atkinson’s Life After Life. Second–who cares what other people think? Read what you want to read. And to **** with other people.

    • 🙂 Thank you Jaime! Most of the time I don’t care- and then I start hearing all this talk, and I’m like “wait, am I missing out?” But I read for pleasure- not for anything else!

  2. karenspath says:

    I don’t think you should be ashamed. Different people read for different reasons. I love all sorts of books and read for relaxation. My husband reads self help and motivational types of books almost exclusively. He doesn’t get why anyone would read just for pleasure… Silly guy! 🙂 Serious books tend to make me sad, and I don’t want to be sad so bring on a variety of happy books!

      • I have not read Miss Dreamsville yet- but it is on my list. I read a lot of “cozy” books: Just read Going, Going Ganache by Jenn McKinlay. I also read And Then I Found You by Patti Callahan Henry- it’s good.
        I read The Affair by Colette Freedman- it’s not happy; but it is good.
        Let me think of some more that I’ve been reading lately, I basically put up a review of any book I read, tho!

    • Cozy, women’s fiction, mysteries- those are my fav. Like a fair amount of chick lit. Occassionally, I’ll find another type of book; but these are my fav types. Yes! Read what you enjoy is my new mantra 🙂

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