Today is the first day of a brand new year….

284809_10200385547227776_1800968892_nJanuary 1. The first day of a new year. A day where the year stretches before, bright and sparkling- where the idea of resolutions seem 100% do-able. Here’s my main thought for 2013: Do the best I can. Maybe some of my resolutions will pan out. Maybe some won’t. Maybe the year will be filled with happiness and joyous moments. Maybe it won’t. I’m going to try to make each day a “super-sparkly” day and go from there.

My resolutions:

1. Read more.

2. Travel More.

3. Work on photography skills.

4. Meet some personal goals.

5. Blog more- maybe create a Traveling With T Facebook page,  review more books for publishers/authors, and be able to attend more book events.

6. Meet more people who share my interests: painting and reading.

7. Attend more fun events: Broadway-type shows, baseball games, concerts.

However you chose to spend your 2013- I hope that it’s a fantastic year!

Happy Reading!

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