Trick or Treat.. Give me some Good Books to read…

Happy Halloween. Today, while most are celebrating in costumes and taking kids trick or treating, I’m feeling just festive enough to wear my cute jack o’lantern socks (They really are cute socks, though!)

Instead of doing the  Halloween thing of watching scary movies -and because scary movies are not my fav- well I do like the Scream series (and the first 1 still scares me- the 3rd had almost got into a comical territory at times) I believe that I’ll have a Kit-Kat and read on the book MAN IN A BLUE MOON by Michael Morris. It’s a tale of Ella- left by her no-good husband trying to keep her family land. The book has some unsavory characters in it- people who would like to do nothing more than take Ella’s land for their own use. Ella has some help in her quest- but still can’t completely classify him as friend or foe. Only time will tell.

If the book sounds good to you, there will be a  Twitter chat sponsored by Deep South Mag on Friday, Novemeber 2nd from 1-2pmCST. Use #southernlit to follow the tweets or to join in. Erin suggests using TweetChat- it’s the easiest way to keep up with the chat on Twitter. And to tempt you a bit further- there will be a giveaway of the book MAN IN A BLUE MOON during the chat.

To find out more about Michael Morris and MAN IN A BLUE MOON- read here.

Hope to “see” you on Friday at the chat!

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