Becoming an Author…..

A person likes to write- does that make them an author? Or is being an author like a super-cool-party-people ( note: the Lorelai  Gilmore reference) club?

I blog because I enjoy it.  I read because I genuinely cannot imagine a life without books- good, no great books- books that absorb me, make me look at things in a new light, a new way. Books are my heart and soul- and finding a person who enjoys reading like I do makes me know that we are in the super-cool-party-people book club- a club of people who love to read and discuss books.

Over the past year or so, I’ve had the good fortune to meet some great authors, to get to talk with them and hear about some of the inner-workings on the way to become an author. I’ve met some more established authors and some who are up and coming- but each person, whether they are new to the author club or have been admitted for years, has this brightness about them when they speak of the writing process.

However you are able to live the author dream, whether it’s being self-published or through a more traditional route of becoming an author- it’s an admirable achievement. Finding your voice, your section of readers, promoting the book- it’s tough, but at the end of the day- loving what you do is worth it.

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