Literary Friday ya’ll…


Literary Friday is here!

The biggest news for Literary Friday is that Kimberly Brock’s book, The River Witch, is on sale today only for $1.99 as an Amazon Kindle Daily Deal. $1.99- that’s a steal my friends- a complete and total steal! It’s worth full price, but if you’ve been waiting to buy the book, on the fence about whether you want it (Trust me- you want this book!)- now is the time to buy! Carpe diem!

Here’s an idea- since the book is so cheap today- book clubs should buy it for their groups- Having a book that is good and amazing to discuss is a great thing!

Deep South Magazine and their weekly Literary Friday is filled with information: A giveaway of Faulkner books from Book Riot, a giveaway of Shine, Shine, Shine from Joshilyn Jackson, a mention of the hit summer book, Gone Girl, and Reese Witherspoon, and book festivals/book signings going on all over the South. For more information on the giveaways- read the Deep South Magazine’s Literary Friday!

Other Literary Friday things:

My Friday Reads- trying to decide between A Teeny Bit of Trouble or  Summerland. Thoughts?

Happy Reading!

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