Christmas in Canton, MS- City of Lights

Canton, MS. Home of Nissan, movies are filmed here (A Time to Kill and My Dog Skip), and The City of Lights. The town square is decorated with Christmas lights and open to visitors from Thanksgiving weekend to right before Christmas (the lights stay up and you can go look after Christmas, but all the other activities end before Christmas).

This has become a little tradition of mine for the past 3 years- I ride to Canton, MS and walk around, listening to Christmas music being played over the loudspeakers, see the bright and twinkling lights, and take pictures. It’s a bit of a magical experience- I feel almost as if I’m walking in my own personal “Winter Wonderland”. Sometimes I get lucky and meet some friends for the night- most everyone likes the lights and agree that it’s a nice Christmas tradition to have.

Seeing the “Singing Christmas Tree”, the twinkling and blinking lights, children running around, hot chocolate and hearing the music does wonders for my spirit. It’s also a great place to get pictures- several places to sit down, take pictures to send to family, and find a bit of Christmas magic.

Christmas in Canton, MS


The Singing tree


Lights around the Square


Carriage rides


View from the Carriage Ride


The Singing Tree


Where else can a person can go and feel like they are in their own Winter Wonderland? In the South, there are many towns who try to capitalize on this thought, and all the ones I have been to have many charms; but this is my favorite.

Carriage rides, train rides for the kids, hot chocolate, apple cider, twinkling lights- it’s worth a trip to see the City of Lights in Canton, MS.

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