“The Help” Book Signing May 25, 2011

The Help was just a few short months from being aired in theaters- and I was beyond excited to see the movie. Living not far from either of the filming places in Mississippi (Greenwood and Jackson) I was anxious to see what spots in towns I could recognize and how different the book was from the movie.

Then, I found out Kathryn Stockett was going to be at Lemuria Books in Jackson to sign copies of “The Help”. I loaded up, met a couple of friends and got there early enough to grab a prime position in line. Standing in line with my friends, laughing and discussing our favorite parts of the book helped the time pass, and Lemuria was so kind to have a TV set up with the trailer from the movie being shown constantly.

Finally, it was my turn to meet Kathryn Stockett. She was quite pleasant, signed the book, and was gracious enough to pose for a picture or two.

Kathryn Stockett and me at Lemuria Books

Jess and Me waiting on our books to get signed

Me and Lee- waiting to meet Kathryn Stockett

After reading the book and watching the movie-while both were good, I thought the book was better (But isn’t that always the case?)

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