Blast From the Past- Graceland at Christmas

Having the opportunity to be in Memphis at Christmas time a couple of years to see the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes at the FedEx Forum was great. First because the show was simply wonderful- the kicks, the costumes, the music- all of it was wonderful. The show is definitely able to put a person in a Christmas spirit.

After the show was over, I was discussing things that made Memphis known worldwide with the others who went to the show, and I said that I’d never been to Graceland. Well, the people I was with could not believe that and demanded that the situation be changed- immediately!

We hopped in the car and headed to Graceland quick, fast and in a hurry since we had dinner reservations at The Butcher Shop ( the restaurant is talked about for it’s good food, but I was not blown away).

While I did not get to tour Graceland, just seeing the outside was enough for me (for now). One day, I’ll tour Graceland (it’s on my bucket list!)

Graceland- Christmas Lights


An opinion of many people


Graceland Sign


My companions laughed at how excited I was to get my picture taken with the Graceland sign and the car, but mostly laughed about my small-town existence since I’d never been to Graceland. While it’s been 2 years since my Christmas at Graceland, I know that one day I will be able to say that I visited Graceland properly.



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