Interview with Lizzie Harwood, author of Xamnesia

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Hello! Lizzie Harwood is back today to talk about her new memoir, XAMNESIA! There is a Goodreads giveaway– ends June 23rd- so HURRY!


Interview with Lizzie Harwood about XAMNESIA:

Hi Lizzie- welcome back to Traveling With T!

Thanks for inviting me back! I love your site. Let’s travel…

Xamnesia is about your previous work and the world you found yourself in after accepting a job that required you to rub elbows with rich and famous (but to keep your lips zipped!) How surreal was it to be in a world like that- where money was no problem and most whims could be taken care of with a phone call?

Surreal is a good word. I think the self-containment of it comes across in my memoir – it was a world that operated apart from the real world and everything happened by phone or fax. We never emailed and hardly even went into stores. Things appeared. Continue reading