Giveaway & Interview with Luanne Rice, author of THE LEMON ORCHARD

the lemon orchard

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Last year, I requested The Lemon Orchard by Luanne Rice through Netgalley. After reviewing The Lemon Orchard, I added Luanne to my ever-growing list of authors that have a backlist of books I need to check out. This year, when Luanne’s publicist contacted me about a review or interview, I was able an interview (plus a giveaway!) for the readers of Traveling With T!

Read on for the interview with Luanne as she reveals how this story came about, some thoughts on grief and her role in the character’s story. Continue reading

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The Lemon Orchard by Luanne Rice

the lemon orchard

Bittersweet love story as two unlikely lovers are coping with grief of losing their daughters..


Two people, 5 years earlier, both lost their daughters. Julia lost her daughter in a car crash and Roberto’s daughter has not been found after they were separated crossing the border. Two people who share no connection, except grief and sadness about their daughters, meet 5 years later. Can a understanding of grief and sadness lead to a friendship between Julia and Roberto- who come from different backgrounds?

Julia and Roberto begin to share slices of their life with each other- Roberto tells the story of him and his daughter attempting to cross the border; Julia tells of stories of Jenny and her on anthropology trips. Julia even talks of her marriage and how it became broken. Roberto is careful, cautious with Julia at first. He knows he has a good job at the orchard, at her family’s place- and yet, he can’t deny a connection, an attraction he feels for Julia.

Julia begins and impossible search- a search for Roberto’s daughter, Rosa. Reaching out to her anthropology contacts, she knows it may be a long shot- but feels it is worth it. Searching for Rosa has also made Julia feel closer to Jenny, to bring back the memories of anthropology trips with Jenny when she was younger.

Five years earlier, Julia was at the beginning of the worst kind of grief a mother can experience. As the years went by, her grief grew. With Roberto- hearing his story, feeling an attraction to him- Julia begins to feel better, like the grief she feels for Jenny is not some overwhelming.

Together, Julia and Roberto begin to fall in love- although their future is uncertain- especially when there is a development in the search for Rosa. Both have choices to make- forge a life together or enjoy the love they share- even if it’s only for a short time.


Traveling With T’s Thoughts:

Julia and Roberto’s story is a sweet love story- a love that was brought forth by their grief. Their love story, while bittersweet, still was enjoyable. The storyline was interesting. The characters were well thought out. And the setting was remarkable. Enjoyable- a nice read.


*This book was provided to me through Netgalley. All thoughts and opinions are mine alone.