The Last Summer at Chelsea Beach by Pam Jenoff

the last summer at chelsea beach by pam jenoff

Photo Credit: Harlequin Books July 28th

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The Last Summer at Chelsea Beach

Adelia Monteforte is put on a ship headed to America by her mother and father. The plan is for her aunt and uncle to provide a place for Adelia to live, far away from Italy, as life has grown to be hazardous there during war time.

Moving to America, living with her aunt and uncle, learning about different ways and thoughts between Italy and America- keep Adelia’s days full, as she’s trying to get accustomed to her new surroundings.

When she makes the acquaintance of her neighbors in the summer home, the Connally boys, Adelia does not know then how much life is about to change and how she will become close to all the boys- as they all begin to love her in their own way. Continue reading