Just Can’t Get Enough Of: Sexy Christmas

Sexy Christmas

Ooh la la…. Harlequin is getting romance lovers in a good mood by providing 3 “Sexy Christmas” books for you to enjoy before the holidays (and the cooking/clean-up) roll into town! So thanks Harlequin for the books- and naturally- there is a GIVEAWAY! Continue reading

Just Can’t Get Enough Of: Sexy Heroes (February 2014)


Photo Credit: Harlequin


Harlequin Books has started a new feature called- Just Can’t Get Enough Of and each month will have some suggestions of books for the month. For February, it’s Sexy Heroes! Traveling With T is happy to help promote this Harlequin feature- and is excited about all the fun! Check back monthly as Traveling With T reveals each month’s theme- and keep an eye out for giveaways, reviews and author interviews- each month will have something fun!  Continue reading