Sweet Tea Revenge by Laura Childs

It is Delanie’s wedding day- and she’s a nervous wreck. Trying to help calm Delaine, Theodosia is going above and beyond bridesmaid duty- but a happy Delanie is better than an unhappy one. However, no matter how hard Theo is trying to make this day perfect- nothing can bring the groom back to life.

Delanie begs Theo to find out who did this to her beau, and Theo readily agrees. Was it murder or an accident? Clues at the scene point to either conclusion. While Theo’s gathering clues, 2 ghosthunters come to town, and are interested in going back to the scene of the crime to communicate with the spirit.

With suspects being added daily to Theo’s list- was it the ex-girlfriend? The law partner? The step-son? Or someone else? Theo’s days are busy. Throw in an attractive ATF agent is interested in tracking down Cuban cigars and seems to like┬áto keep an eye on Theo, it’s a wonder that Theo can remember how to steep tea!

Is Theo able to help solve the murder? Or was it an accident? Read Sweet Tea Revenge to find out!