Deadly Policy by Mitzi Kelly

Deadly Policy

ISBN:978-1611097740deadly policy

Publisher: Thomas and Mercer

Author: Mitzi Kelly

Series: Silver Sleuths Mystery

Reviewed by: Traveling With T

*Note: This is the 2nd book in the Silver Sleuths series. While Deadly Policy does make some references to the previous book (Classic Revenge) in the series, it’s not necessary to read in order.

Millie, Trish, and Edna- to the outside world- a 80 year old, a 45 year old, and a 65 year old might not appear to have much in common- but these ladies have a friendship that is strong and will last to the end of time. Neighbors and friends, Millie, Trish and Edna share a spirit about life that’s hard to beat!

In Deadly Policy, Millie gathers Trish and Edna together to discuss her daughter, Michelle. Millie is worried that Michelle may find herself in some trouble- there has been a sudden increase in stolen cars and all were insured by the company Michelle works for. At first, it appeared to be a coincidence- but with each vehicle stolen- it seems to point to an inside job. Or does it? Millie decides that she, Trish and Edna will get to the bottom of this mystery before anyone can accuse Michelle of being part of an inside job.

Millie, Trish and Edna set about to find if there is a pattern to the stolen cars, clues, and other things to help solve the mystery. Millie is convinced that Michelle’s ex-husband, Tony, is the bad guy- but both Trish and Edna caution her to keep an open mind until they have more facts. Michelle and Richard (her boss) are trying to stay positive, but with Richard’s ex, Barbara, floating around and disgruntled customers wanting their insurance money, it’s hard. Then, when a dead body is found outside of the insurance office, the ladies are really worried for Michelle and know they must get to the bottom of this mystery quickly.

When clues begin to surface because of the hard work of Millie, Trish and Edna- the women hope that the mystery is close to being solved and that Michelle will not be part of an internal investigation. However, this particular villian has other plans in mind. Will the Silver Sleuths solve the mystery? Read Deadly Policy to find out.

*Blogger note: This is my first Silver Sleuth Series book to read, and while I enjoyed the characters, the setting and the mystery- I did find one character a bit annoying at times. However, the actions of the other 2 work well as a balance. Each character has something that is relatable, a sense of spirit that is enjoyable.These women, especially Millie, show that life does not end at 40.

Recommended for: cozy fans, readers looking for characters over 40, readers wanting stories of friendship.

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