Dead Between the Lines (A Devereaux’s Dime Store Mystery) by Denise Swanson

Dead Between the Lines

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This book was sent to Traveling With T by author in exchange for a honest review.

Dead Between The Lines

Opening an old-fashioned five-and-dime shop in her small Missouri hometown has been a great change for Devereaux “Dev” Sinclair. But when she hosts a reading group there, she learns that bad writing can mean life or death.

To keep her new business in the black, Dev opens up her shop to local clubs. But in the first meeting of the Stepping Out Book Club, the speaker storms out after members attack his poetry’s sexism and scorn for small towns. Later that night, the poet’s body is found outside Dev’s store.

Dev can’t afford for the murder to close her down, so she does a little stepping out of her own to investigate, with help from her two sexy suitors, Dr. Noah Underwood and Deputy U.S. Marshal Jake Del Vecchio. But when the killer threatens Dev, they will have to use every trick in the book to solve the case before she becomes the final chapter in this murder mystery.…


Ahh… a day in the life of Dev- she’s got 2 men wanting to be with her, 2 men that complement her in unique ways, she worries about her grandmother, and she finds out in this book that her dad will be returning from jail. So, Dev is trying to make the money while the sun is shining- which is why she opens up the Dime Store to clubs for bit of extra cash. The first book club meeting, though, may be the last- as the members get peeved with the author for his attitude toward women and small-town life. Dev knew many were peeved when they left, but she did not know who was peeved enough to kill the author or why they did it- was it because of the book club meeting? Or is there much more to this story?

What Dev knows is this: She can’t afford to be shut down while the police are looking for the killer- so off to work she goes. With a little help from the good doctor, Noah, and the hunk-alicious Deputy US Marshall, Jake- Dev is sure to get to the bottom of this mess, quick, fast and in a hurry. Which leaves her to think about other things- such as who is the yin to her yang?


Traveling With T’s Thoughts:

I enjoy the Dime Store Mystery series! It’s fun, cute, and Denise writes small-town characters that are interesting and nice to read about. While I’m a bit more of a SCUMBLE RIVER fan, this DIME STORE mystery changed that. Dev has hit a groove with me in reading and I found myself not comparing to Scumble River as I have in the past. One thing I really liked about this book was that Denise is allowing us to see chapters from the male’s point of view- something I don’t remember her doing in Scumble River (although, perhaps I have forgot!) Getting to know Jake and Noah a bit, through their own thoughts and not the actions we see in the Dev chapters, added a bit to this book.

Even though recently, I went on a bit of rant about love triangles and their length, I actually like love triangles (as long as they don’t go on too long!) Right now, the love triangle with Dev, Noah and Jake is fine. Cute. You’ll hear it first when the triangle needs to leave the building, though.

Overall, enjoyable! A nice cozy mystery with some great characters. Definitely add this to the TBR list!


*Dead Between the Lines was sent to Traveling With T by author in exchange for a fair and honest review. All thoughts and opinions are mine alone.


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Interview with Gigi Pandian, author of PIRATE VISHNU (plus signed bookplate promo!)

Pirate Vishnu by Gigi Pandian- Henery Press

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Today, Gigi Pandian stopped by Traveling With T to talk about her latest book, PIRATE VISHNU, Jaya (her character’s) #literaryconfessions and Indiana Jones. Read on for all the details in this fun interview with Gigi. And don’t forget- after the interview, there is the info you will need to get a signed bookplate (Shut UP! I know, right?!)

Interview with Gigi Pandian, author of PIRATE VISHNU

Hi Gigi- Thanks for agreeing to be interviewed at Traveling With T!


Thanks for having me!


Can you describe Pirate Vishnu (A Jaya Jones Treasure Hunt Mystery) in 15 words or less?

A treasure map of San Francisco’s Barbary Coast leads to mystery and romance in India.


Why will readers connect to Jaya Jones? What sets her apart from other characters?

Jaya is a classic adventurer in the tradition of Elizabeth Peters’ strong-willed heroines, but she puts her own multicultural twist on the genre. She was born in India to an Indian mother and an American father, and grew up to be a professor of Indian history in San Francisco. She brings her experiences with her to her adventures, which helps her solve mysteries of the past linked to present-day crimes.


“Maneuvers a complicated love life she didn’t count on”- ooh, Jaya’s dealing with a love triangle! Do you, as the writer, know which part of the love triangle complements Jaya better? Or are you still deciding?

When I wrote Artifact, the first book in the series, I thought I had everything figured out. But my characters surprised me! They’ve taken on lives of their own and I’m not yet sure how they’re going to work things out. I can’t wait to find out.


RT Book Reviews says “Forget about Indiana Jones. Jaya Jones is swinging into action.” How does that make you feel? Indiana Jones is a pretty big pop culture icon- so being compared must be kind of cool!

It’s definitely exciting to see reviews comparing Jaya to Indiana Jones! When I was a kid, I created a cartoon strip called “Minnesota Smith” — the adventures of a female Indiana Jones. It’s surreal to have come full circle.


Is Jaya Jones based on anyone you know, Gigi?

I traveled with my anthropologist parents a lot when I was a kid, so I invented all sorts of mysterious treasure hunts as I played in castle ruins. When I began writing a novel I wanted to capture that spirit, so Jaya was initially based on me – but she grew into her own unique personality more than I was expecting!


What is the 1 thing that Jaya would never be without?

Jaya needs her high heels – she’s only 5 feet tall.


Does Jaya have any  #literaryconfessions?

Jaya Jones #literaryconfessions

Jaya Jones has a pretty big literary confession: She tells people she doesn’t have time to read fiction, since she’s a second-year professor who doesn’t yet have tenure, but she secretly loves classic adventure novels. She doesn’t admit to herself that she loves the thrill of the treasure hunts she gets pulled into, but her favorite novels are Victorian escapist adventures like King Solomon’s Mines.

*Thanks Gigi for a great interview!


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Gigi Pandian Bio:

Gigi Pandian is the child of cultural anthropologists from New Mexico and the southern tip of India. After being dragged around the world during her childhood, she tried to escape her fate when she left a PhD program for art school. But adventurous academic characters wouldn’t stay out of her head. Thus was born the Jaya Jones Treasure Hunt Mystery Series. The first book in the series, Artifact, was awarded a Malice Domestic Grant and named a “Best of 2012″ debut novel by Suspense Magazine. The follow-up is Pirate Vishnu. Gigi loves writing locked-room mystery short stories. Her latest, “The Hindi Houdini,” is an Agatha Award nominee for Best Short Story.

Connect with Gigi: Facebook, blog, Twitter and website.

Signed Bookplate Info:

Signed BookPlate from Gigi

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Want a signed bookplate for your copy of PIRATE VISHNU? Order PIRATE VISHNU by February 17th and email proof of purchase to: (while supplies last). For more info, visit Gigi’s site for all the details on the signed bookplate.

Where to buy PIRATE VISHNU:

Amazon, Barnes and Noble, IndieBound, A Great Good Place for Books, & Murder By The Book.