Finding Colin Firth by Mia March

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Happiness is a Mia March book (sorry Colin Firth’s fan club who contend that “Happiness is Colin Firth”)

3 women. A movie being filmed in town. Summer. And Colin Firth. Sounds like a summer to remember (and it is!) but how much does the charming Colin Firth play a role in the memories of the summer?

Gemma has been fired from her reporter job. Gemma is upset- being a reporter is like breathing to her- it’s just who she is. To her husband, though, this is good news. He’s ready to leave New York City and start life in a suburb with all the trimmings that goes with that life. Gemma knows two things: She’s not ready to give up her reporter life and she has a secret that will make life in the suburbs happen faster than she would be able to wrap her head around.

Bea is a young 20-ish girl. Finished with college, but employed as a short order cook- she’s taking time to grieve the loss of her mother before she moves on to a next plan. Until, she gets a letter from her deceased mother that explains Bea was adopted. Bea is unsure what to think of this- but knows she needs to at least see her birth mother before making a choice about what to do next.

Veronica- a great pie baker and lover of Colin Firth movies. She’s returned to Boothbay Harbor after leaving 22 years earlier, right after she placed her daughter with a new family. Veronica worries about what the town thinks of her- but tries to focus on being happy and making pies. She doesn’t know that her daughter is coming to Boothbay Harbor to see her.

Each of these three characters find themselves in Boothbay Harbor with their stories interweaving.  The summer teaches them all important things- they grow up, they find happiness, they learn lessons,  and enjoy Colin Firth movies!

Traveling With T’s Thoughts:

Pure fun. Love this book. Mia March does an excellent job with creating characters that the reader can care about, want these characters to find happiness, to learn important lessons. Boothbay Harbor is the best setting- it’s idyllic, laid-back feel makes the reader wish to be able to see the place (even though Mia does a great job at setting a visual description!) The Colin Firth movies, the relationships between the women- went hand in hand for a great summer read.


*Thanks to Mia March and Gallery Publishing for providing me with a review copy. The above thoughts and opinions are mine alone.


**Interview with Mia March and Author Spotlight: Mia March.

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1. Deep South Mag– #literaryfriday is off to a great start! There was a Beth Hoffman Twitter chat (super-fun!) Other tid-bits: Beth Albright will guest post on Deep South Mag next week, news of TAMPA, Zelda and Hemingway news, and more!

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2, I just finished (last night) reading Finding Colin Firth. It was fabulous! I enjoyed it! So much! Want to win a copy? Comment on my interview with Mia March for a chance! Need more Mia? Here is the Author Spotlight!


3. Wanting to know what the August Book Lovers Unite online book club selection is? It’s The Comfort of Lies by Randy Susan Meyers!


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Author Spotlight: Mia March

finding coling firrth1Mia March was here Monday for an interview and a giveaway of her latest book, Finding Colin Firth. Today she is back for an Author Spotlight!

Read on to find out about Mia March!


Author Spotlight: Mia March

Mia, who are some of your favorite authors?

A: My favorite author is Elizabeth Berg. I love the way she writes studies of women in her elegant, honest voice. Other favorites are: Claire Cook, Ann Hood, Sarah Addison Allen, Jo-Ann Mapson, Helen Fielding, Allison Winn Scotch, Pam Houston, Ann Patchett. . . I could go on and on!

When you are not writing, what do you like to take part in?

A: I’m either writing, reading or at the movies! This past week I saw Man of Steel, Monsters University (with my son) and World War Z. Next up: Before Midnight, Arthur Newman (starring our Colin; I somehow missed this in the theater), and The Heat.

Mia- do you have any #literaryconfessions? 

A: I still haven’t read The Great Gatsby. I’ve tried many times over the course of my life. I get to a certain point early on and I stop. All the attention from the movie has made me want to sit down with it again.

What is your favorite movie of 2013?

So far, Monsters University. J Not brilliant like the original, but super cute.

Speaking of Meryl Streep, with Lauren Wesiberger recently releasing Revenge Wears Prada, do you hope that Meryl might reprise her role as Miranda Priestly if Revenge Wears Prada is made into a movie?

A: Yes! I LOVED The Devil Wears Prada. I saw a hilarious interview with Meryl Streep when she was asked if she’d reprise her role, and she said: “Sure, but I’d have to lose the f-ing weight.” Love her!

Do you have a #literarycrush? 

A: My literary crush is and has always been Gilbert Blythe from Anne of Green Gables. Such a good egg.

Mia- what is your vision of a perfect day?

A: A morning walk along the trails with my son and our sweet beagle, followed by black bean and veggie burritos for lunch and a couple of hours with a good book, then a few hours of writing. Finally, a movie, preferably starring my heartthrob, Colin Firth. Perfection.


*Special thanks to Mia March for this author spotlight!


Mia March can be found at Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter and her website. Tweet or Facebook her and tell her your thoughts on Finding Colin Firth. If you do the Goodreads thing, add Finding Colin Firth to your Want to Read list- or review it!


Interview with Mia March, author of Finding Colin Firth


finding coling firrth1Mia March, author Finding Colin Firth, stopped by Traveling With T to discuss Finding Colin Firth, who she’d cast into a movie version, and if she is going on a book tour!

I’m also lucky enough to have a giveaway of this book- a SIGNED copy! Hold on to your hats, ladies!

Check back on Wednesday for Author Spotlight on Mia March- we’ll learn her #literarycrush and #literaryconfessions!


Interview with Mia March

Mia, thank you so much for agreeing to be interviewed.


A: Thank you for having me!


What was the inspiration for Finding Colin Firth?

A: Well, I’d say it started back in 1995, when I sat down to watch the BBC TV miniseries of Pride and Prejudice. When Colin Firth, as Mr. Darcy, first appeared on the screen, I thought to myself: Who IS that? I swooned for the six hours of the miniseries and he’s been my favorite actor ever since. But the inspiration came from A) having just watched The King’s Speech and B) my wandering around of my favorite towns here in Maine, Boothbay Harbor, picture-postcard summer tourist town, and wondering what it would be like if Colin Firth came to film a movie there. Suddenly I had three main characters all with very different reasons to want to find Colin Firth.

Mia, out of all the actors you could have chosen to feature in this book- what made you pick Colin Firth?  (Not that I’m complaining or anything- he plays quite the adorable man in Love Actually!)

A: To be honest, I didn’t pick him; the book chose him. He’s my favorite actor and has been for such a long time. He has a unique hold on women, I think. Yeah, George Clooney is gorgeous, and Ryan Gosling is hot, but Colin Firth has something special; women, especially myself, respond to his perceived integrity, despite having never met him! And yeah, he’s so good looking!

How long did it take to write Finding Colin Firth?

A: I thought about the characters for a few months before I started writing, as I always do. Once I started writing, I had a first draft in about five months. The revision took another few months. I do a lot of writing in my head!

How involved were you in the choosing of the cover for The Meryl Streep Movie Club and Finding Colin Firth? I’m a huge fan of book covers- and I adore both of them. Interesting and eye-catching.

A: Oh, thank you! I was involved in that my editor asked for my ideas. For Meryl, we all liked the concept of Maine and readers being invited into a living room. I love that popcorn bowl! For Colin, my brilliant agent came up with the idea. A man’s suit as the cover—with the idea that it’s Colin Firth himself. The minute she suggested it, I knew it was the cover, and everyone said yes!

Do you have a writing space? Or a writing routine?

A: I write when my soon to be 11 yr old son is either at school or camp. My routine doesn’t vary too much, mostly because I love my desk: a six foot tall mahogany secretary. It’s narrow without much room other than for my laptop and my chamomile tea and the little things that inspire me, like photos of my son and dog and a stack of inspiring books. So I write at home generally during the hours when my son is away. I’m a morning person, so up at dawn to walk the pooch, where I work out plot problems and think of ideas. Then I write until my son wakes up. Once he’s off on his day, I sit down and write for hours.

The Meryl Streep Movie Club was picked as a She Reads Book of the Month choice.  How, in your opinion, was that experience for a first time author?

A: It was magical! It brought the book to the attention of so many readers, and it was wonderful to have so many book bloggers readers the novel and writing about it. The whole experience was amazing. It was quite an honor that She Reads chose my novel! I love that site.

The Meryl Streep Movie Club and Finding Colin Firth sound like perfect summer movies. If either was made into a movie- do you have a dream cast in mind?

A: I do—and it’s amazing how quickly these actors came to mind out of so many. For my three main characters: Bea—Anna Sophia Robb. For Veronica—Jessica Chastain or Cate Blanchett. For Gemma: Isla Fisher. And Colin Firth will play himself in a cameo!

How did you create the characters in Finding Colin Firth? Do you have a favorite character?

I’ll admit that my favorite character, the one who came alive for me in a really deep-down way, was Veronica, the 38 year old diner waitress who bakes special elixir pies and is grappling with her painful past. It was Bea, the 22 year old who came first though: I started thinking about what it would be like to discover as an adult that you were adopted at birth when you never knew. And the characters stemmed from that concept. Before all of that, I had a small Maine town and the idea of Colin Firth coming to film a movie and how that would affect people. And everything just tied together and I started writing.

Will you be going on a book signing tour with Finding Colin Firth?

A: I’m doing a virtual tour and a few local-ish readings, staying close to him. I recently adopted a shelter dog (the cutest little beagle mix) and want to make sure she feels settled before I take off for extended time).

Mia- what are you working on next? Can you reveal any hints about your next book?

A: I’ve just started thinking about my next novel . . . all I can say at this early point is that it involves food!



*Special thanks to Mia March for agreeing to be interviewed!


mia marchMia March, author of Finding Colin Firth, can be found on Twitter, Goodreads, Facebook and her website. Mia is not only a reader- she’s also a huge movie fan (and she does watch movies other than the ones Colin Firth has a role in- although she does like those quite a bit!)


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