50% Off Murder (Good Buy Girls) by Josie Belle

50% off Murder by Josie Belle (a pen name of Jen McKinlay) is the first book in a new cozy series- and it’s a charmingly funny debut!

The Good Buy Girls are a group of ladies in Saint Stanley, Virginia who love a good bargain. They have meetings to trade coupons, they go shopping together to get the best deals and they hate paying retail price! Maggie, Claire, Ginger and Joanne make up the Good Buy Girls. During a meeting, Claire arrives late; a bit frazzled. Maggie is worried because that is unlike Claire, but puts it out of her mind since Claire seems fine the next day. All is good until Claire finds a body- a body of a man she used to know with her knife in his chest.

The police zero in on Claire for a few reasons- and Maggie and the rest of Good Buy Girls are not happy because they know Claire could not have committed this crime. Maggie is also unhappy since the new sheriff in town is Sam- a boy who used to tease her mercilessly when she was a kid; then broke her heart in later years.

With the police intent on Claire being the #1 suspect- Maggie and the rest of Good Buy Girls have to put their heads together and help uncover more suspects. Will the Good Buy Girls clear Claire? Will Maggie and Sam let bygones be by bygones? Could there still be a spark with Maggie and Sam? Read the book and find out!

A great debut- the Good Buy Girls provide entertainment and a solid storyline. Eager to read the 2nd book in series- A Deal to Die For (release date- December 31, 2012).

Cozy Mystery Week: Jenn McKinlay


This Cozy Mystery Week and Jenn McKinlay is the author of today’s blog post.

Jenn McKinlay is the author of several cozy series (The Cupcake Mystery, Library Lover’s,  and Good Buy Girl’s- written as Josie Belle). Over the summer, I discovered the Cupcake Mysteries and really enjoyed the characters of Melanie, Angie and Tate- liked their friendship, the way they talk about movies. The books have an easy-going vibe, fun, light-hearted and Jenn McKinlay writes funny lines for her characters. The Cupcake Mystery books are quite enjoyable. For fans of cupcakes, childhood crushes, and best friends- this is the cozy series to try.

After spending the summer reading the Cupcake Mysteries and enjoying them (but being disappointed that the next Cupcake book was not coming out till April 2013), I found Jenn McKinlay’s Library Lover’s mysteries. Lindsey is a librarian and Beth is her best friend. The town is Briar Creek, a small-ish coastal town. Some of the women in town have Craftafternoon Club (a combination of knitting and discussing books–generally a classic book.) The people in town are friendly, interesting, and one in particular is quite charming. There is a charming connection developing between Lindsey and Sully. For fans of library series, knitting talk, and book clubs- Library Lover’s is the cozy for you.

The Good Buy Girl’s series is a series about women who enjoy being thrifty, getting good deals on things from clothes to food, and enjoy each other’s company- the Good Buy Girl’s are great. Currently still reading the first book in the series- I’m enjoying the series, thus far. The 2nd book will be released on Dec 31, 2012.

Each of the book series Jenn McKinlay writes are funny, interesting, and really great. If you’re a fan of cozy books, give Jenn McKinlay a try.