Devil in the Deadline by LynDee Walker

devil in the deadline

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Devil In The Deadline

Nichelle is enjoying a night out with friends (and dressing up for a fun costume party!) When she gets a tip about coming to a crime scene- she quickly leaves the party to find out the details.

At the crime scene, she crosses paths with her police connection, Aaron, and he warns her about the scene- talks of how he’s never seen a scene like this. Nichelle readies herself- and yet, she’s not quite prepared for how graphic the scene is. Having a pretty good relationship with Aaron and always eager to scoop Charlie- Nichelle is sure she knows why she was given a tip-off about the crime scene. But, Aaron confides there is more- the police need her touch, her sleuthing skills. She’s cracked a few cases- and her Nancy Drew ways have earned her respect.  Continue reading