Meet Davis Way- The South’s answer to New Jersey’s Stephanie Plum


Hello readers of Traveling With T! If you’ve been sticking around for a while- you know that I like a funny book thrown in amongst my Southern Lit, psychological thrillers, and other reads. I can usually count on Henery Press for tickling my funny bone with LynDee Walker or Phoebe Fox reads- but my original funny girl was Stephanie Plum. Wise-cracking, Jersey-talking, Tastykake loving- Stephanie Plum.

A few months ago, though, I was introduced to someone who might fill my Stephanie Plum quota when I need a funny book- and I’ve already read the latest Plum.

Meet Davis Way- the heroine of the Davis Way Crime Capers by Gretchen Archer. Davis from Alabama, has an ex-ex husband and is always finding herself in some kind of trouble (usually trouble that will make the reader laugh!) Continue reading