Sleigh Belles by Beth Albright

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In the previous two books, Sassy Belles and Wedding Belles, the lovely Dallas Dubois has shown the readers just how far she will go to get the story (or a man!) Dallas, while beautiful, has not shown the readers (or the people of Tuscaloosa) that she is the kind of woman to be friends with or to trust. But, if you know women like Dallas, most often- there is a reason for their behavior.  Sleigh Belles tells Dallas’s story- and makes readers who may have wanted to strangle Dallas in previous books- love and understand Dallas. Similar to how Emily Giffin showed the other side of Darcy in Something Blue– Beth Albright shows that there is more to Dallas than the self-centered, beautiful package that Dallas appears.

Dallas is not happy. She’s weeks away from finding out if she will be the new anchor or will be looking for a new job- and would rather have her beautiful hair cut by Edward Scissorhands than become the director of children’s Christmas play. But, the director is sick and Dallas’s boss insists that she take the reigns. So, she does- and hopes it’ll not be as bad as she thinks. Turns out, it’s worse. The children aren’t listening and Cal Hollingsworth- a friend of Lewis, Blake and Vivi- being around is causing Dallas frustration. Cal is the boy that Dallas had a secret crush on in high school- and Dallas is trying to keep her cool around him because they are different as night and day.

Cal is not exactly pleased to see Dallas, either. Oh his eyes enjoy the curvy goodness of Dallas- but he remembers her as the Ice Queen and it seems that she has not changed as he watches her interactions with the children. One day, though, Dallas encounters a girl that pulls at her heart strings- and reminds her of life from long ago. Seeing Dallas soften makes Cal wonder if he misjudged Dallas- and the two decide to get better acquainted.

As Cal and Dallas begin to spend more time together, they find themselves falling in love. Until Dallas gets some blasts from the past that cause her to begin putting the walls back up that she had just let down. Will Cal and Dallas find happy ever after? Or will Dallas always be unlucky in love?

Dallas’s personal life is a mess- and her professional life is almost as messy. She’s worried about the anchor job and wonders what will happen if she does not get the job. When someone steals Baby Jesus from the Nativity scene of a Tuscaloosa resident- Dallas is on the case, even though she’d much rather have the harder news stories. Could the missing Baby Jesus help lead Dallas to happiness?


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Sleigh Belles, by far, is the most heartwarming of the Sassy Belles series. While the other 2 books have more humor, fun and sass- Sleigh Belles tugs at the reader’s heartstrings. The reader learns more about Dallas’s past and why Dallas is the way she is. Beth Albright had to dig deep and work hard to show that there is way more to Dallas than the hair and the body that won’t quit- but, by golly, she did.

And not to worry- there is plenty of mention of those 2 Sassy Belles- Blake and Vivi- but this book is mostly Dallas’s time to shine and to learn that love and friendship have been closer than she ever imagined.

Recommended for readers who want something sweet and heartwarming to read during the holidays- with a heavy dash of romance. Grab a copy of Sleigh Belles and a cup of hot chocolate- and enjoy a story that is sure to get you in the holiday spirit.