Giveaway and Review: Holiday Buzz by Cleo Coyle

Ya’ll know I love cozy books, Cleo Coyle, and coffee. And I’m beyond excited for Holiday Buzz to be released on December 4th! But here’s a chance to win the book before it’s released.

Cozy Mystery Reviews has reviewed Holiday Buzz and Cleo Coyle is giving away a copy to one lucky reader! Here are the links for the review and for the giveaway:

Holiday Buzz by Cleo Coyle- a review by Cozy Mystery Reviews

Holiday Buzz Giveaway

Good luck! And happy reading!

Pay it Forward with a Cozy Mystery: Cleo Coyle

I adore cozy mysteries. Absolutely adore them. Have been reading them for YEARS. Joanne Fluke was probably my first cozy mystery. So deciding my favorite cozy author to talk about was pretty hard.

What tipped me in the favor of Cleo Coyle was this fact: my brother picked these books out for me. About four Christmases ago, he gave me the first book in her series. It was love at first read while enjoying my mug of hot chocolate.

While most cozy books take me to a magical place, Cleo Coyle and her mysteries (along with her coffee recipes!) makes my days brighter.

What a great idea! Pay it Forward with Cozy Mysteries!

You know how I LOVE my cozy books. A little mystery, some great characters, and a florist/coffee shop/bakery owner and I’m in bookish heaven. Love. Through Twitter (ya’ll know I can’t stop talking about some Twitter, either!) I found the Cozy Mystery Reviews (@cozyreviews). This is a Twitter account that should be my BFF. Talking about cozy books and making recommendations- be still my heart.

Anyway- they have a great idea about Paying it Forward with Cozy Mysteries- to spread the word on some great cozy authors (and maybe to add more authors to their reading list?!) For the information on how to Pay it Forward with Cozy Mysteries– read their blog post.

I think it’s a genuis idea!

Off to #payitforwardwithcozymysteries myself!