Cozy-riffic Cuties August Book: Seed No Evil by Kate Collins

seed no evil

It’s time! August is Kate Colllins’s SEED NO EVIL. Join in the fun and read along with the latest adventures of Abby and Marco!


Questions will be posted on: August 28th (feel free to stop by anytime and discuss this book!)


Pssst… September’s book will be Denise Swanson’s MURDER OF A STACKED LIBRARIAN.


If you are interested in joining in, comment and let me know!

Cozy-riffic Cuties: Murder of a Small-Town Honey discussion questions

murder of small town honey

It’s here: Today is the day to discussion for Murder of a Small-Town Honey by Denise Swanson. Part of the reason I chose this book to discuss is because I’m a member of the Swanson’s Sleuths Street Team, but mainly because- this is a great cozy series and I’ve been wanting to find people to discuss cozy books with!



1. Skye leaves Scumble River on the heels of a memorable speech- but returns years later. Could you have returned? Would you have returned to Scumble River?

2.  What do you think of the town of Scumble River?

3. Honey has a past- and it ties to a few residents of Scumble River. What did you think of her past? Could Honey have learned from her past?

4. Skye is not a size 6 character. Is it refreshing to see a character that has curves?

5. For people who have read more of the Scumble River series- what are the differences in the Skye we meet in Murder of a Small-Town Honey and the Skye we see in later books? Has she grown-up? Changed? Still the same Skye? Embraced her small-town roots?

6. What did you think of the mystery? Engaging? Good first book in series? Needs more work? Chime in!

Thanks for coming by- for August- we’ll read Kate Collin’s newest book, Seed No Evil (out Aug 5th)!

Cozy-riffic Cuties Book Club: Sign-up for July Read!

murder of small town honeyI love cozy mysteries. They are some of my favorite reads. The characters, the mysteries, the settings- cozy mysteries are good!

But, not everyone likes them, and while I have the pleasure of talking to some of the most interesting book-ish folks, I do miss out on talking to people about cozy mysteries. Luckily, being a member of Swanson’s Sleuths and reviewing other cozy mysteries with Cozy Mystery Reviews has put me in contact with fans of cozy books. Then I decided- why not create an online book club for cozy books?

So here it is: Cozy-riffic Cuties- an online book club to discuss cozy mysteries!

For July- we will be reading Murder of a Small-Town Honey by Denise Swanson. Since several people that expressed interest in the group has already read this book (many of us are Swanson’s Sleuths Street Team Members), July will be a bit different than other months. While we will discuss the book, we also will be discussing things like the main character, Skye, and how much she has changed over the course of the books in Scumble River series.

We will meet and discuss for 1 day during the month of July. Can’t make it that day? No problem- come and discuss when you can! Questions¬† about Murder of a Small-Town Honey will be posted July 30th.

August and September book selection has already been picked by me, as well- Kate Collins newest, Seed No Evil (in stores Aug 5th) will be August and September will be Denise Swanson’s newest- Murder of a Stacked Librarian (in stores Sept 4th).

For October- we will discuss what book to read!

Any questions/comments/concerns- please direct them to me.

I look forward to discussing cozy mysteries with you!