Blood Red by Wendi Corsi Staub

Blood Red by Wendi S

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Blood Red

Rowan is a respected teacher, mother and wife. She lived in Mundy’s Landing with her family. Rowan, in current time, is a picture perfect image.

Her past, though, is less picture perfect.

In her teenage years, Rowan found herself getting in trouble- ranging from small incidents to a bit more- but because of a promise to her parents, she puts her bad-girl ways behind her.

Until…. She meets Rick Walker when Rowan and her family lived in New York. It was a mistake, a mistake that could have cost them their marriage if anyone knew. But no one knows.


When Rowan is delivered a package one day- she realizes that someone knows about her past and is ready, willing and able to teach her a lesson.

Now, what’s Rowan to do? Continue reading