Wedding Belles by Beth Albright

wedding belles

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The Sassy Belles are Back! Wedding bells are ringing for Vivi- unless the psychic’s prediction is true! Blake O’Hara Heart knows this- in the Deep South, in August, you do not upset a pregnant bride- it’s just too darn hot for that mess!

Blake is knee deep into planning her best girlfriend ever an over the top wedding and baby shower! Vivi asks Blake to have Myra Jean, trailer park psychic to the ladies in Tuscaloosa, read their futures at her combo wedding/baby shower. Blake agrees because she is the most loyal matron of honor. As part of booking Myra Jean for the shower, Vivi gets a sample reading. Oh if only Blake had herself a magic ball- then she could have known the trouble heading Vivi’s way! Myra Jean lets Vivi know there is another woman in the picture- which prompts Vivi into a full-on hissy fit. Blake mollifies Vivi by saying that it could be the baby girl (Vivi just has a feeling it’s a girl). However, it’s not long before Vivi, Lewis and Blake find out that Myra Jean is right. A woman from Lewis’s past is going to make this wedding a bit more difficult!

Blake’s law practice has problems as well. The body that was discovered while looking for Lewis is a man who recently inherited his family’s money, amongst a disagreement with his other family members. Blake is trying to find out what happened to him and who earns his inheritance since he was recently married. The barge company says he must have fallen off the boat, the insurance won’t pay till they can rule out suicide, and Blake needs to find this wife! Cal, Lewis’s computer whiz best friend, finds the wife and also finds Lewis’s first wife- when Blake realizes they have the same last name, her pretty head wonders “What if they are the same person?”

On the political front, Harry is working hard to win the November Senate election- and Blake, being the consummate Southern Belle, is going to stick by him in public and help him win this election. In private, though, Blake’s a bad girl- she’s found her true love, Sonny, and wants to make things work with him. Harry has his own private fun- and that nosy reporter, Dallas, is doing her best to crack the case on the Hearts. Dallas is worried about her job, so having the inside track on a story about a falling out between the Hearts could lead to some juicy air time.

Between getting Vivi ready for her wedding, balancing her professional and personal life with Sonny, helping Harry get elected, and finding out what happened on that barge- Blake is busier than a bee in a bonnet. Watching Vivi, her Sassy Belle best friend, on the verge of everything she’s ever longed for- makes Blake happy- and a tad bit wistful. Life is changing for the Sassy Belles- but Blake’s about to find out exactly how much life is changing!

Traveling With T’s Thoughts

The Sassy Belles are back! If you thought Blake and Vivi were going to let a wedding be a calm and serene event- you were wrong! The sassy girls are ready for whatever curveball life throws them- and life’s got quite a few!

Funny, charming, and sweet- Wedding Belles is a read that should be enjoyed with a glass of sweet tea. After reading Wedding Belles, you might feel like talking in Southern accent and watching some college football- don’t fight the feeling!

Perfect for fans of light reading, romance, and Southern Belles.

*This book was provided to Traveling With T in exchange for a fair and honest review. All above thoughts and opinions are mine alone.

The Sassy Belles by Beth Albright


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Meet Blake O’Hara Heart. Southern Belle from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. Lover of pearls, Alabama football, sweet tea and family (not necessarily in that order!) And fiercely protective of her best friend forever, Vivi. And boy, does Vivi need some protecting after the latest mess she’s found herself in!

It’s Blake O’Hara Heart’s 10 year anniversary with her husband, Harry, and she’s planning on asking him a biq question. But when her best friend, Vivi, and fellow Sassy Belle calls to say she need her, Blake lets thoughts of anniversary and other topics fly out the window. When Blake and Harry arrive at Mother’s (Blake’s grandmothers house- plus the place where you go to escape your problems), Vivi is beside herself. Vivi thinks she has killed a man during a certain vigorous romp at the Fountain Mist hotel. Not just any man, though. Lewis Heart, voice of the Crimson Tide and Harry’s estranged brother.

Vivi, Blake and Harry go back to the hotel to check on Lewis; only, there is no body. Did Lewis walk away? Did someone else see fit to hurt Lewis? Is Lewis on another get rich quick scheme? When the police get called, Blake is happy to see her long ago sweetheart, Sonny (and he’s pretty happy to see her!) Sparks still fly between Blake and Sonny- but Blake is a good girl. Or is she?

As news gets out that Lewis is missing, people worry and wonder. After all, football season is fast approaching and the fans need the voice! Dallas, a shapely and beautiful reporter, makes finding Lewis her top priority- which just drives Blake crazy, because she knows that Dallas has an ulterior motive. Dallas does make time for 1 more thing besides finding Lewis, which prompts Blake to do some more long term thinking of her future.

The search continues for Lewis and Blake feels unsettled. Not herself. Her marriage is not what she wants it to be- and Harry doesn’t seem to be able to help fix it. Blake begins to wonder about the future and sparks flying with Sonny is only showing her how different she wishes her marriage was.

Blake’s got her hands full- worrying about her marriage, trying to find Lewis, and keeping a shady land developer from bulldozing a treasured landmark. However, if anyone can handle it, it’s Blake. After all, she is a Sassy Belle!

Traveling With T’s Thoughts:

Beth Albrights uses words like paint to create a picture of The Sassy Belles in action- fun, friendship, and sisterhood. With her descriptions of scenes in Alabama and the characters themselves- each word on the page is dripping with honey. To describe The Sassy Belles, think Steel Magnolias meets Divine Secrets of Ya Ya Sisterhood with a helping of high fashion. Fun, charming, cute- this book will you were a Sassy Belle!